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Missing features, that are part of MVP that are still required, and holding up implementation.

The following list represents outstanding FOLIO requirements (as of 4/01/2020) that are necessary for ERM Round libraries to implement FOLIO

All functionality implemented in Fameflower and Round I (aka - The Chalmers Round) plus the following functions.


  • Data migration/initial loads
  • Upgrade capability
  • Permissions and restrictions within one tenant with multiple libraries with multiple teams
  • Cross-app searching
  • Performance: ability to load large amounts or records in a reasonable time
  • Custom fields

Metadata management

  • Delete function in SRS or Inventory
  • Ability to maintain relationships between other apps when holdings/items are moved from one instance to another

Resource Management

  • Financial transactions: calculate paid amount on budget - Value management through transactions.
  • Export invoice information/voucher exports
  • Ability to communicate individual Purchase Order information to vendor with no integration
  • Order alerts
  • Receiving packages: P/E/P&E 
  • Display connected agreement line information on POL
  • Ability to claim overdue orders
  • Ability to renew ongoing orders
  • Ability to record statistical information while ordering/receiving

ERM Libraries

Duke University

Five Colleges

Cornell University

Leipzig University

GBV libraries

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