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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Fill in Integrations spreadsheet  
30 Jul 2019 2019-07-23 Meeting notes
Karen Newbery2019-09-17 Meeting notes
  • Make action plan for the implementers based on a the quarter, looking at MVP, and trying to tailor requirements, but still other things that need to be timeboxed and in what order.
2019-09-17 Meeting notes
Karen Newbery2019-07-30 Meeting notes
Karen Newbery2019-07-30 Meeting notes
Ingolf Kuss2019-07-23 Meeting notes
  • Create cards on Trello Board between this meeting and July 2. Code of conduct - treat this as a brainstorming activity. Don't delete others' cards, there may be multiple cards or cards that are combined later, and that's okay. Thanks!
2019-06-25 Meeting notes
  • Karen Newbery will reach out to POs to start general demos in our meetings.
Karen Newbery2019-06-04 Meeting notes
Patty Wanninger2019-06-04 Meeting notes
  • Anya Arnold will share clean version of the spreadsheet on Slack
Anya Arnold2019-05-14 Meeting notes

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