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InstitutionInstancesHoldingsItemsMARC recordsUsersOpen loans (average)Open requests (average)Libraries LocationsService pointsCirc rules (lines)Loan policies 
Shanghai Library7m?50m7m8m5m?>3k> 15k> 15k> 3k?
U of Chicago8.5m9m10m 8m120,642150,00080012(3 are not physical locations)188113736
Missouri State University1.06m1.14m.68m
30K??4150890 (including comments)15
Cornell University5.7m6.2m9.4m10m45,00040,000?14 physical, 2 virtual21018200


Grand Valley State University1.9m?583,0001.9m27,195??480 (or 400 if including MeL)55010
Marburg University Library ????????>1500>1500> 4k?
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