The following collaboration tools are the most important when engaging in the FOLIO project:

  • FOLIO Slack channels for real-time chat are available at Request to join the FOLIO Slack channels here. Use Slack as your primary means of communicating with other FOLIO implementers via the #folio-implementers Slack channel.  (Check out the other Slack channels to see if there are others of interest to you.)
  • FOLIO uses JIRA at for tracking FOLIO tasks and bugs. The account you set up in JIRA is the same account you will use to edit Confluence (our wiki, which you are using right now).
  • Sign up for the folio-imps e-list at  (If your library is part of the OLE partnership, you should also sign up for ole e-list, where overall project news, status reports, FOLIO release info, etc. is shared. There may also be other e-lists of interest to you.)
  • Email your Google account name to Anne Highsmith and she will arrange for you to have access to the Open Library Foundation Google Drive named OLF_Shared

Existing documentation resources:

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