2023 Topic Calendar (Subject to Change)




2023-02-07GallimaufryA session for random questions and clean up.Tara
2023-02-14Spine Label Printers integrationA session to discuss implemented spine label printer integrations with FOLIO (Spine O Matic, LIBstick, etc)Tara
2023-02-21Getting OCLC Records Into FOLIOA session on Connexion problems, Record Manager, Single Record Import complicationsTara
2023-02-28Catch Up Week!A session for random questions and clean upTara
2023-03-07???No agendaTara
2023-03-14Bugfest Working DayTara In Australia! Michelle will be there.Michelle
2023-03-21Cutover ProcessesWe will discuss libraries' cutover processes from when they went live.Tara

2023-04-04MARC AuthoritiesMARC Authorities session (Buddy)
2023-04-11Macros in FOLIOMacros in FOLIO session (Kathy)
2023-04-18Query SearchingAn introduction to query searching
2023-04-25API ClinicA session on the basics of Postman and APIs
2023-05-02Catch Up Week!General questionsTara
2023-05-09Roadmap Discussion"Super Casual Roadmap Discussion" (Jenn)Jenn
2023-05-16Circulation RulesCirculation RulesTara
2023-05-23ABLE BinderyA session on ABLE Bindery (Alissa)Alissa
2023-05-30FYROFiscal Year Rollover
2023-06-06Catch Up Week!General Questions
2023-06-13Catch Up Week!General Questions
2023-06-20The Great Directory ProjectEstablish a project to update the implementers directory, and chat about the purpose of this group.
2023-06-27Library of CongressLibrary of Congress (Caitlin Stewart)Caitlin
2023-07-11JiraJira and how to search/use itJulie
2023-07-18Loading UsersHow do different libraries load users?Tara
2023-07-25General QuestionsTara got stung by a ton of wasps last week, so we'll be having an open agenda day.
Tara is away and we decided to skip! Feel free to hang out though.
2023-08-08Missing ProcessesTENTATIVE
2023-08-15WOLFcon ReconLet's go over the WOLFcon schedule together and highlight interesting stuff.Tara
2023-08-22WOLFCON! NO MEETING!Many people will be at WOLFcon so we well skip.
2023-08-29WOLFcon RecapWhat we learned at WOLFcon.
2023-09-05Tags in FOLIO

2023-09-12Actual CostHow does Actual Cost work TODAY, how WILL it work, and how COULD it work?
2023-09-19Bulk Check In?See slack

2023-10-03The Great Directory Project, take 2Take a look at the discovery table, and take 2 on the directory project

2023-10-17SerialsAt long last, we will take a session to discuss serials management in FOLIO.Chuck
2023-10-24Serials Vol. 1 Iss. 2Our Serials session was so fun, we decided to do a part two!
2023-10-31Bugfest Coworking SessionWe will use our October 10th meeting for bugfest coworkingTara
2023-11-07Refresh Token RotationWe will discuss the changes to tokens. Non-expiring tokens will no longer work in Ramsons.Kara

2023-11-21Tour de SIGsWhat the heck are all the SIGs and channels anywayTara
2023-11-28Reading Rooms in FOLIO
2023-12-05The Australian Library Landscape
Sae Ra
2023-12-12Application and platform formalizationFor MarieTara
2023-12-19Wrap Up!What did we accomplish this year?Tara
2023-12-26No MeetingI imagine we're not meeting the day after Christmas.

Topic Idea Bank

TopicOriginNotesInterested PartiesGroups to inviteScheduled?
An introduction to APIsVarious/slackMany people have asked for a basic introduction to postman/APIs. This has been done before, but there's no harm in having a clinic for newbies.TaraLearning APIs2023-04-25
An introduction to query searchingVarious/slack
DocumentationMeetingJulie Bickle wants to discuss documentation not for the project but for libraries. Julie plans to take the lead on this discussion.Julie Bickle

Upgrade ManagementMeeting
Ian Walls, Tara Barnett
Courses: How does it work?MeetingWe want to use a session to discuss the current state of the courses app and workflows that folks currently use in the app. As of today (2023-01-16) courses does not have a PO and can't move issues forward, so this will be more of a "current state and processes" sharing event.Ian Walls, Tara BarnettCourses Slack2023-01-24
Circulation Rules
A perennial topic for implementing librariesTaraRA
Data ImportMeetingA perennial topic for implementing librariesEveryoneData Import Slack
How do you make a basic python script?

Tags in FOLIO

How To Make A Video Tutorial

SerialsMeetingChuck asks for a session on SerialsChuck

Conference "Science Fair"MeetingHave folks deliver their EBSCO Users Group presentations in low-key or mini-mode. Sometime in June?Debra

Loading Users


Fiscal Year RolloverMeeting
Tod, Cornell

Missing ProcessesMeeting

EBSCO User Group Presentations
A "Science Fair" with mini presentations from EBSCO User Group? (TENTATIVE)–will need help

Reading Room Feature

UXPROD-1835 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Amorphous Proto-Topics To Develop 

Framing Discussions, soft skills...Tod discussed in a meeting on January 10Meeting
"Very Short Introductions"Tara thinks it would be cool to make "Very Short Introductions" for some thorny FOLIO problems. Is this covered by tips and tricks already?Meeting
Implementers' Directory?Create a survey to fix up the implementers' directory?

Conversation Starter Questions

  • How does your library integrate your archival collection with FOLIO, if at all?
  • What is the best way to use custom fields?

Incomplete Tasks To Resolve (2023)

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Tara Barnett  will restart the directory project and reach out to Darsi and Ian
Tara Barnett2023-07-18 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • Note to Tara: schedule a session before WOLFcon to go over the scheduled sessions, talk about the conference
2023-06-06 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
2023-06-13 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • It was suggested that the group should advocate for SpineOMatic to be configured for FOLIO. How exactly should we do this? What is the best venue to talk this out?
2023-02-14 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
Tara Barnett2023-02-07 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • Tara Barnett will finish the Implementers' Guide to Upgrade Testing
Tara Barnett2023-01-31 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • Tara Barnett will create an "Implementers' Guide" to courses using the material gathered here
Tara Barnett2023-01-24 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • By the end of 2023, THE GROUP will outline the current purpose of the group for our "About" page.
2023-01-17 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • SOMEONE (maybe Tara) will think clarify the purpose of the implementation directory and coordinate getting the directory up to date, as it appears to belong to this group. If we don't own this, we will figure out who does.
2023-01-17 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • Julie Bickle will share information about her awesome documentation podium session when it becomes available!
Julie Bickle2023-01-17 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes
  • SOMEONE will follow up on the onboarding page ideas after January 26th when the onboarding group has made their presentation
2023-01-10 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes

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  1. re getting the implementation directory up to date, that would fit nicely into what Community Council is doing regarding marketing. Potential implementers are asking: who is using FOLIO? how many libraries? what kind? are there any other libraries like mine that are using FOLIO? The directory would answer those questions.