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FOLIO developers can engage with the project through a variety of communication channels:

  • The FOLIO software development site is available at This website brings together the documentation and links that software developers will need to participate in FOLIO. From here, developers can access the project source code on GitHub and view documentation including contribution guidelines, modules and UI guides, and API documentation. The developer's site also offers a curriculum for building FOLIO from the ground up.
  • FOLIO uses for asynchronous messaging. The Discuss site is a web forum with categories, topics, and posts. Use Discuss for asking questions and recording discussions that require more than a few sentences. Developers may also use Discuss to seek input from the broadest reach of FOLIO participants.
  • FOLIO uses to store documents with some permanence. FOLIO Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are dedicated to specific functional areas or interests within FOLIO, have a space on the wiki.
  • FOLIO Slack channels for real-time chat are available at Developers may request to join the FOLIO Slack channels here. Use Slack for quick introduction or follow-up to new ideas and fun banter between colleagues.
  • Guidelines for contributing code to the FOLIO project can be found on the developers website here. For all FOLIO code repositories, we are trying to follow GitHub Flow.
  • Download a short presentation and ReadMe file outlining the developer engagement options here: attachments.

To remain abreast of FOLIO news, visit To remain abreast of FOLIO events worldwide, visit:

Let’s start building.

The FOLIO Team