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Recordings - last week's didn't come through, but we should be set up for this week.

Meeting reminders? Doesn't seem necessary.

45minLocation hierarchy and collections concept

Vince Bareau and all

Vince shared his current thinking on locations within FOLIO:

  • physical location hierarchy
    • this would have four levels/layers - Institution, Campus, Library, "Parking" ("parking" is a placeholder label and can be segmented, possibly replacing the need for a 5th formal layer)
    • question for group from Harry: Is "consortia" a location or an affiliation?
  • non-hierarchy elements
    • these would include Consortium, Collections, and Circulation Desk
    • Consortium and Collections could impact loan rules; Circulation Desk would not
  • Chris: is "Campus" required in the location hierarchy?
    • yes, but maybe doesn't have to be filled out
    • thinking about extensibility of this model for public libraries; "campus" won't resonate
    • labels can probably be changed, so there is some flexibility
      • in a consortium, however, there probably needs to be consistency across member libraries
  • Slide 4: analogy between item locations and street address
  • loan rules will use "targeting" - lower level rules will override higher levels
    • for consortia there is a need to reconcile loan rules - a mechanism for making prioritization decisions will be needed
  • location object would also contain "Platform" and "URL" elements to accommodate e-resources
    • some questions about what data would be stored here versus in a KB
  • scenarios to consider in this model
    • floating collections & shared storage - "Collections" should give the necessary flexibility to address this
      • collection items - can define as many locations as needed (i.e. permanent, temporary, etc.)
      • how would we resolve conflicting collection associations?
5minPlanning for next meeting Follow up on location discussions; consider how this maps to consortia models.

Action items

  • @All - post questions/scenarios to flesh out on Discuss
  • Vince Bareau - upload slide to Consortia SIG Google Drive