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  • Chart work over next couple months
  • Flesh out consortia needs around infrastructure service

Discussion items



  • mind meld w/Reporting SIG
  • FOLIO ERM plans

Conversation about approach to working with Reporting SIG is in progress; might be good to have an initial meeting with Sharon and Vince to better understand reporting in FOLIO and to work out an effective method for addressing consortial needs.

ERM - a plan is in place to develop ERM functionality for FOLIO v1; this is a nice example of organic development efforts coming from the community

  • consortial functionality is part of this; Kirstin can give the SIG an overview at some point in the near future

 Continue discussion of Infrastructure and representation of consortia in FOLIO

All  **lots of discussion about representing consortia in FOLIO and what models consortia are using now; David got caught up in the discussion and didn't take good (any) notes - will go back to the recording to write up some of the highlights**


  • reporting
  • relevant action items from Madrid meeting - codex and inventory, locations

Reporting - David will continue coordinating effort with Reporting SIG

Next week - Peter Murray will check in with Sebastian about attending our 2/14 meeting to talk more about how consortia might be represented in a FOLIO implementation.

Development of the codex, inventory, and the locations hierarchy approach are all progressing; we'll want to weigh in on these; David Dahl will send out a presentation/recording about locations if he can track it down.

Action items