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Discussion items


Welcome, Peter!

Gap analysis -

  • if we have requirements that need to be in v1, we need to get them in the pipeline right away
  • how do we prioritize?
    • Tania Fersenheim will review consortial services framework document for discussion at 4/4 meeting
  • CARL
    • main interest is interoperability of INNreach with FOLIO
      • Innovative product called "resource sharing broker" to facilitate this interoperation
  • FOLIO and public libraries
    • not much representation right now but would be more than welcome
  • David Dahl will start a wiki page of systems that need to interoperate with FOLIO
  • PC needs to know about two consortial models: heterogenous and all-in
 20minDiscuss potential Tags use cases: deferred until 4/4; SIG members should review in advance
10minWOLFcon and potential topicsAllDates: May 7-11, an announcement should be coming out soon

Future meeting planning


Need to create a list of "guest speakers" and topics/functionality to review ← David Dahl will get this started.


Next week

  • discussion of v1 reqs guided by consortial services framework
  • discussion of Tags use cases

Action items