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Sprint recording:


Follow-up on last week's data import discussion (UXPROD-1419)

  • what use cases exist for cross-tenant use given the scope of data for Data Import app? 

 Any use cases for data import across tenants?

  • bib records for ebooks; might not be an issue if this can be handled through ERM functionality
  • no scenarios for order/invoice loads across multiple tenants

What other use cases exist (regardless of Data Import feature scope)?

  • Vendor data - possibly just a one-time activity on system implementation/migration (UXPROD-817 - remove orders/invoices reference)
  • License information
  • Circulation policies (reciprocal borrowing agreements) - possibly just a one-time load but might be a need to do this iteratively for new libraries or for changes in policies
  • Fund/budget structure -
  • Central fund management for EBA/DDA collections?
    • keeping track of institutions that are incurring fees; tracking which libraries are using it the most
    • may be part of UXPROD-823 (earmark for future discussion)
  • E-resources data - ERM data for resources provided by consortia or state-level groups; might be more of a global configuration change (this might apply to a lot of these use cases)
    • there might be some opportunities to utilize GoKB for some of these group-negotiated e-resource packages
  • Users - loading users of other libraries in a consortium (ideally, though, this data would be shared across tenants rather than loaded into each tenant)
25minUXPROD-795 - overlap with functionality anticipated in ReShareAll

Group-level resource sharing/circulation

  • what does this entail?
    • fits somewhere between ILL and walk-in consortial borrowers
    • patrons can place holds on items at the consortial level
      • request goes directly to owning institution
      • item gets checked out at patron's home library
      • should result in quicker delivery
      • more generous loan durations
      • patrons can choose to pick up libraries at any member library
  • this sounds like it is exactly the goal of the ReShare MVP


Action items