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Discussion items

30min UXPROD-795 discussion wrap-up 

UXPROD-794 update

  • moved some features related to restricted permissions over to single-tenant epic


  • Foundational requirement: transaction needs to be represented in each tenant
  • discussion
    • a lot of this dovetails with ILL; possible overlap with NCIP
    • we should put up a Discuss post related to this
    • how is this distinct from ILL? focus on unmediated cross-tenant borrowing (patron can checkout, renew, recall without needing the Patron Library to do this on their behalf)

Gap analysis prioritization review

AllDiscuss next week (6/12)

Next week (6/12)

  • Review gap analysis/capacity planning prioritizations by implementing consortia (5Colleges, FLO, GBV, HBZ)
    • Goal: ensure that all features that have been ranked as "go-live", "can wait up to a quarter after go-live", and "can wait until fiscal year rollover" are well-understood and actually needed; capacity planning analysis shows that there are more features than can be achieved by implementers' go-live dates; either some prioritizations need to be de-prioritized or go-live dates need to be delayed
  • David is unavailable next week; Harry Kaplanian will convene

No meeting on 6/19 - overlap with F2F meeting; will look into setting up Zoom for the consortia session at F2F

Meet again on 6/26 - topic TBD

Action items