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Discussion items

Resource sharing/ILL solution architecture

    • Review cross tenant unmediated borrowing document
      • Patron library
        • wants to know what items (title, etc.) were borrowed
        • Patron activity (borrowed item from particular libraries)
      • Owning library
      • **some discussion of relationship between a multi-tenant consortium and the Library Data Platform; it’s probably time to set up another meeting with Reporting SIG and Nassib (PO)**
      • How long are these kept around?
        • These don’t need to be kept in the operational system for reporting purposes because the data will be in the LDP
      • Stats
      • Create temp item in patron library
    • Terminology
      • Scope: Just physical materials (short-term) - needed (for FLO by 2021)
      • ILL: Library-to-library
      • Mixed ILS Consortial Sharing (mediated)
      • Mixed ILS Consortial Sharing (unmediated)
      • Requesting from different FOLIO tenant
        • This is the same for in-person patron or remote patron requiring in-transit
      • Single-tenant request UXPROD-1061 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Resource sharing
      • There are tiers of resource sharing; these need to have names codified and descriptions written
    • Action: put up a Discuss post about who sends notifications - owning library or patron library
    • Action: set up a meeting with Reporting SIG

Multi-tenancy - defining terms

    • Consortia constituents with intentions of implementing:
      • FLO
      • 5Colleges
      • GBV
      • HBZ
      • HeBIS
      • BVB
      • Duke - not a consortium, but thinking about a multi-tenant implementation with cross-tenant functionality
    • Codify terminology (slides 4-6 of this slide deck are good references); there seems to be a fair amount of confusion around this
      • Instance
      • Tenant
      • Single Tenant - one FOLIO instance with one tenant containing all the libraries in a consortium
      • Multi-tenant - twist: might not all be on same instance (this maybe relates more to cross-tenant functionality; a single FOLIO instance isn't necessary for cross-tenant functionality)
      • Cross-tenant - functionality that requires communication/data transfer between FOLIO tenants
    • Action: put up wiki page with terms and definitions

Action items