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Discussion items

10min FOLIO F2F recap 
  • Kelly Drake has stepped up to serve as our PO!
  • Codifying terminology about tenancy (i.e. multi-tenancy, cross-tenant, single tenant, shared tenant, separate tenant, etc.) - there is still some confusion about these terms that would be useful to clarify
  • Codifying "tiers" of resource sharing
  • Project strategy discussions
    • Market viable LSP product by Summer 2020 with at least five institutions implemented (Chalmers plans to be live in September)
    • There is a draft strategy document: (comments/suggestions welcome)
    • The strategy also focuses on improving the onboarding process for project engagement by developers, interested libraries, and others
    • Technical debt: The Technical Council identified six items that should be addressed in the next year

Resource Sharing Tiers

  • identifying where attendees' consortia fit (both current and desired)


  • define mediated/unmediated
  • ILLiad - workflow management system that can handle multiple "tiers" rather than a service itself
  • helpful to define who the borrower is in each scenario (i.e. institution or individual)
  • what external systems come into play with each tier
  • Unknown/unidentified community borrower



  • next meeting is July 3; cancel due to U.S. holiday?

We will meet next week

Action items

  • David Dahl - make a resource sharing overview page
  • David Dahl - put up a Discuss post about who is responsible for getting items back (i.e. notices, fines, etc.)
  • Kelly Drake - will work on Cross-tenant Unmediated Requesting user journey (others are welcome to add comments)