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Discussion items

10min Consortia Profiles Kelly/David 

Request: fill in details for your consortium

  • use 'yes', 'no', 'partial' for the current state of affairs in your consortium and then add additional explanatory text to qualify those statements (i.e. Resource Sharing? No. But, we want to do this in the future and have a task group putting together a requirements list).
  • we'll review this briefly next week in case any questions arise

Cross-tenant Unmediated Request Stories


Q: Who sends a notification that an item is ready to be picked up? A: Ideally, the message (looks like it) comes from the patron library. This should be triggered based on a staff check-in action at the pickup location.

  • Q: What about a situation where the item is received at a main branch and needs to go to another pickup location on campus? A: The item would stay in-transit until it reaches the specified pickup location. Harry and Kristen confirm that this is already part of the FOLIO Requests functionality.

Pickup/return anywhere - we should include this functionality in our stories; this might mean we actually have five perspectives: (1) borrower/patron, (2) patron library, (3) owning library, (4) pickup location, (5) return location.

More discussion needed around which libraries circ policies apply, who sends notices, etc. (We may have gone a little further into the "how" than is useful at this point - i.e. library-to-library, library-to-patron, etc.)


Next week

Action items