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Discussion items


Kelly added demos of FOLIO single-tenant request functionality to the Cross Tenant Unmediated Requesting page.

PC reviewed/approved Market Viable Product document/statement.

There is work going on right now to produce an RFP-like description of FOLIO functionality. At this point, there isn't anything for Consortia SIG to do with this.


Cross-tenant Unmediated Requests discussion


Staff Story - Owning Library

  • notifications related to the loan (courtesy reminders, overdue notices, etc.) can work the same for consortially-borrowed items as they do for locally borrowed items (this is related more to the Patron Library staff story since the patron library will send notices)
  • scenario: branch library items that need to get shipped from central library - this would utilize the same functionality as a requested item that ends up at the wrong location; it will stay 'in transit' until it arrives at the requested service point. Libraries have the option as to whether their workflow includes scanning the item in FOLIO at the branch and routing it to the central library or just relying on staff knowing that items requested for off-campus delivery need to get routed to the central library (i.e. a non-system workflow)
  • is 'checks it out' the right phrase for scanning the item into FOLIO in order to fulfill the request; maybe not the perfect phrase, but there seems to be common understanding about what we mean

Staff Story - Patron Library

  • scenario: items for pickup at branch library service point; works the same as owning library scenario with branches; the item will stay in-transit until it reaches the correct service point; the library can determine whether it gets checked in at the central library or is sent to the branch without scanning it at the central library (scanning it at the central library may have benefits for tracking the item in the event of lost items and also as an enhancement of the patron experience - i.e. more granular information about the status of the request)
  • question about title-level requests; are these workflows the same? (ran out of time; continue discussion next week) 

Next week

  • continue review of patron library staff story
    • revisit question of whether these workflows will apply to both item-level and title-level requests
  • demo of single-tenant requests feature (David will double-check with Kelly about doing this next week)
  • homework: review demos of single-tenant request functionality posted on Cross Tenant Unmediated Requesting page

Action items