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Acquisitions, ERM, and Consortia 

  • discussion with App Integrations Team 

Khalilah: want to avoid developing ourselves into a corner; keep consortia in mind during development of ERM and acq apps

What setups are planned for consortia

  • single-tenant: Five Colleges
  • cross-tenant: FLO

Q: is this two different ways of doing the same thing or is there a driving difference behind each setup

  • probably largely a philosophical difference in starting places; depends on the degree of integration shared between libraries in consortium


  • initial release - only need access to a library's own eholdings
  • link resolver needs to indicate if an item is available at a consortial member
  • 5Colleges - would be useful to see other libraries' eholdings for collection development purposes (i.e. reporting rather than access)


  • FLO: each library has its own agreements (and can only see their own agreements)
  • long term needs
    • ability for central office (i.e. consortial staff) to create/edit/view licenses for all members; probably needs to be configurable as to which can/can't be viewed by others
    • ability to share licenses between member libraries
  • 5Colleges: ideally, each library can only see its own agreements; no business need, currently, to see other libraries' agreements
    • some agreements are negotiated by 5Colleges (legal entity for contract is 5Colleges). This is a minority of agreements, and each library can make its own copy of agreement

Licenses - similar data separation/sharing needs as for Agreements

  • Terms: are separate lists of terms needed within a single tenant environment? Probably
    • multi-tenant implementations may have a challenge to manage shared/uniform terms
    • there are at least some consortia that have moved toward standardizing license terms

Q: next steps? what's the plan for moving forward and involving consortia in development of these features?

  • Khalilah: spike for dev team working on single tenant management right now; making sure resources/agreements are tied to correct library
    • multi-tenant should be fairly straightforward at first since sharing between libraries isn't needed
  • some libraries that don't consider themselves consortia have the need for some of the same features in a single-tenant environment (i.e. Duke)
  • who owns requirements?
    • probably both consortia SIG and cross-apps group (and user management)
    • seems like it might need more of a top-down, architectural solution rather than a ground-up solution

Notes by Martina S.


David, Kelly, Steve B., and Apps Interaction Group will discuss offline plan for continuing conversation around single-tenant model and data sharing/restrictions for apps like Acquisitions, etc.

Action items