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Discussion items



AllWe'll review the spreadsheet next week.
45min FOLIO Single-tenant Requests Demo 

Kelly demoed basic Requests functionality

  • comments/questions
    • can a request only be ended by checking it out to the patron? assumption: if it reaches a 'pickup expired' status it seems like there is probably another way to close the request
    • hopefully there's an ability to see more than just the barcode when the patron's id is scanned and a message shows up that an item is on hold for them (how would staff be able to identify the item to pull on the hold shelf?)


  • Fulfillment preference "Delivery" may be useful to implement cross-tenant unmediated requests
    • possibility: all items get checked out to patron library; patron library puts in a new request to get it to patron's desired pickup point for checkout (some concerns related to transparency of entire request/checkout process for owning library and patron's ability to pickup/return the item at any valid service point)
  • Statuses needed
    • overdue and lost reports - these are more about the circulation of the item, not the request; their request status would be "Closed - Filled"
    • seems like currently available statuses should suffice for cross-tenant too
  • is this useful to know about?
    • useful to align our workflows with what already exists
    • useful for brainstorming how cross-tenant unmediated borrowing would fit on top of single-tenant requests (solution architecting)
  • service points
    • might be possible for pickup service points across the consortium to be synced in each library's FOLIO tenant
      • Q: how would this get synced? manually duplicated? might be difficult to keep things aligned; ideal scenario would be to pull in the locations in real-time
      • Q: if all pickup locations are listed how does one library know when to ship to main library vs. branch? (sounds like courier service might solve this)

Next steps

  • representing high-level requirements (add to assumptions for now)
  • how do we translate all of this in JIRA? -> for now, add link to our work from JIRA feature; Kelly can advise us on this 
  • next week (8/21) - review spreadsheet of current/needed resource sharing reports
  • following week (8/28) - revisit workflows in patron/staff stories

Action items