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Discussion items


Question about analyses of consortially hosting an open source ILS

  • this might be something to discuss in more depth at some point; some brainstorming about cost/resource distinctions between running a closed-source vendor-hosted system and an open source consortially-hosted system would be worthwhile

Cross-tenant Unmediated Requesting stories review 


Patron story review

  • discussion of types of requests - the patron needs to be able to specify a particular volume/season of a title (preferably from a drop-down when the system recognizes that there are multiple volumes)
  • choosing notification options - this may fall more into user management and my account features, but the patron should be able to choose their notification method for each request (similar to the UX for other shipment/delivery systems)
  • discussion of denied requests
    • requesting items that are available in the patron's library
    • duplicate requests
  • does patron need to confirm request after initial submission? consensus is no; patron can cancel/revise request if there are errors; a second confirmation is only needed if the system determines it is a duplicate request
  • **ended discussion at "A few days later..."

Next week

  • pick up discussion at "A few days later..."

Action items