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  • Finalize list of operational and analytical reporting needs

Discussion items




Cross-tenant Unmediated Requests (CTUR_ reporting needs 



  • gaps?
    • Lost items, long overdue (i.e. already checked out) - is this a circulation report? (would need to add an element to filter to consortium patron libraries). This is needed operationally for reconciliation process. David Dahl will look to see if this type of circ report exists.
    • Notices report - count of notices that a patron received for an item; useful as evidence if a patron claims not to have received a notice
    • Report of items currently checked out to another library's patrons - may be analytical
    • Report of items checked out by a library's patrons from another owning library - may be analytical
    • Hold request expired report - may be analytical
  • generally it seems like the current Requests in-app reports will suffice for CTUR as long as additional attributes can be added to accommodate the consortium context


  • Q: do we need to specify every attribute that we want in reports about requests or can we assume that attributes already in the LDP will be available? A: Seems like these should be available, but let's list it as an assumption just in case.
  • Q: What datetime attributes do we need? A: probably all of them that are recorded as part of the request fulfillment process.

Next week agenda topic(s) TBD. David will check in with Kelly about today's discussion and whether we need to go further into reporting needs, as well as a general status check on our progress for CTUR.


Action items