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Discussion items


Technical architecture for central office/tenant functionality

ISO18626 messages (XML Schema):

ISO18626 guidelines:

All w/guest Sebastian Hammer  

Background on work to-date related to cross-tenant unmediated requests

  • Q: would patron management/sharing be part of central office functionality? A: maybe in some cases
  • CTUR functionality could be setup/managed individually by each library/tenant, but it would be useful/easier to have a central office manage these aspects (especially if central office functionality is a long-term goal anyway)

Might be some pieces of ReShare that can be reused/repurposed for FOLIO-specific functionality

  • in ReShare - shared index and consortial directory (IPs, etc.) are managed centrally
  • centralized brokers make it difficult to pass a request to another consortium or resource sharing relationship

Some discussion about purpose of a FOLIO-specific resource sharing solution; what are the unique requirements that can't be handled by another solution?


10/30 - develop more details about central office functionality/requirements

11/6 - review ReShare

Action items