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Discussion items



AllWOLFcon - meeting proposals are due 11/18; maybe discuss this next week
45min ReShare review and implications for FOLIO cross-tenant resource sharing All

ReShare and Central Office reqs

  • reqs #1 and #2 are main areas where ReShare could be helpful
    • ReShare will have a "Consortia" app
      • profile view and management features (e.g. member libraries, policies, etc.)
      • routing configuration - tiered/grouped ranking for request routing; specification of lend-to-borrow ratio
      • can perform some tenant management on behalf of library (e.g. suspend loaning due to emergency, etc.)
      • questions? 
        • how would ReShare be hosted and relationship to tenants? ReShare hosted by vendor/consortium
        • merging of FOLIO LSP and ReShare apps for a FOLIO consortium? Seems possible
    • ReShare Directory
      • every library has a profile within the Directory (e.g. consortial memberships, contacts for billing, etc.)
  • #3 - working a bit with bibliographic data to harvest records from member libraries; planning to provide a discovery interface
  • Q: integration of reshare requests with patrons account info (i.e. status of request, etc.)? A: could be done through APIs
  • Q: where are loan policies maintained? A: really two loan policies - (1) consortial loan policy, (2) local loan policy that may shorten consortially-set loan period; initially only items that libraries want to share should be added to the shared index


  • November meetings - hold/cancel?

Lots to discuss so there will be a meeting on 11/13 -

  • continue discussion of Central Office functionality
  • decision on WOLFcon meeting (David will send a poll in advance to assess interest in attending)

No meeting on 11/27

Action items