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  • Determine next steps for Central Office and Cross Tenant Development

Discussion items


WolfCon Sessions?  (Should these be on topics of general interest as it doesn't appear many SIG members are attending?)

  • Central office
  • Cross tenant & ReShare
  • ERM SIG is proposing a session on multiple libraries in single tenant (Steve) and multi-tenants for one consortia - Opportunities and challenges of each approach
    • outline of the implications
    • Martina Tumulla suggested that she can put us in touch with ERM folks

 Thoughts on ReShare in General

  • "Consortia" button function
    • Could 'live' in each tenant 
  • "Directory" button contains
    • Contact info
    • Services
      • Ncip
      • z39.50
      • OAI 
      • etc
  • Permissions and editing (to be developed) would be included
  • If there could be really deep integration into FOLIO that would be awesome

Thoughts on ReShare, specifically as regards Cross Tenant Unmediated Requesting

  • Routing is good
  • Monitoring request
  • While it would not allow for integrating requested in the FOLIO app
    • Although Kristen says that it may be possible
  • Loan rules were good
  • Missing
    • Choose pickup location
    • Return to own library
    • Edge case - patron walks into a library
    • No shared patrons
      • Check out is to libraries, not patrons
    • May be possible to use an API to connect to a Reshare account
  • Discovery aspects
    • Harvested records for ReShare
    • But no RTAC
      • But not might be necessary for an all FOLIO group 

Thought on ReShare, specifically as regards the "Central Office' functions. 

Next steps for Cross Tenant and Central Office

  • Cross tenant 
    • Start building FOLIO requirements and note where ReShare might have similar functionality

Action items