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Discussion items



  • recovering our files on Google Drive

David will touch base with Peter about this; we may have to recover files one-by-one since the folder owner is unknown (it might be Mike Winkler).

Paula Sullenger will check about getting our meeting recordings into the Consortia SIG folder.

10minWOLFcon proposal review: proposed sessions:
35min Build reqs for cross-tenant unmediated requestingAll 

Build out requirements in a neutral way and then compare with ReShare

Guidance from those with experience doing this

  • start with workflows or problems to solve
    • PO will prioritize in consultation with SIG
    • PO should propose solution; SIG discusses and "buckles down" to refine solution
  • might be easier to have one individual take ownership of writing requirements, then review as a group

Is there a way to break this down into smaller features?

  • possibilities
    • start at the beginning
    • start with the outcome of the process
    • maybe even jump back and forth between the two
  • might have to make some decisions/compromises as we move along
    • thin thread development - critical/minimal path to achieving functionality that can be expanded/supplemented later; ideally there should be some observable functionality every ~2 weeks (rather than 6 months of effort before any observable functionality is available)

How can we divide/prioritize this?

  • possible areas: patrons, placing requests, filling requests, shared catalog, reporting/analytics


Upcoming meetings

  • 11/27 - no meeting
  • 12/4 - David unavilable
  • 12/25 - no meeting (-;

Action items