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  • Review plans for handling multiple libraries in a single tenant and determine implications for consortial implementations

Discussion items


Single tenant with multiple libraries - consideration for consortial implementations 

Permissions & restrictions in FOLIO

Multiple libraries in single tenant slidedeck

Question: If, in a single tenant with multiple libraries you can

  • Have multiple, independent financial structures that are viewable and editable by a specified group
  • Have multiple, independent connections to knowledge bases (presumably all of one type ie. EBSCO or GOKB)
  • Share patron data (but not limit editing to individual institutions)
  • Share bibliographic information and items (but not limit editing to individual institutions)

Q: What's the dividing line between a single and multi tenant consortial implementation

  • current single tenant plans include partitioning ERM for multiple libraries
  • use cases for cross tenant
    • libraries with multiple relationships
    • systems integrations
    • multiple sets of bib records (i.e. OCLC and SkyRiver)
    • bib records purchased by a single library in a consortium - restricting other libraries from attaching holdings/items (or even see them perhaps), enhanced content like Syndetics
    • strict scoping of patrons (becomes more of an issue with student data privacy laws emerging)
    • separate tenants that need to do buying club activities

Follow-up from Slack discussion about Libris

Q: Is this a possible solution for bib and authority record sharing?

  • is Libris open source? (it's on GitHub)
  • Chalmers is harvesting records from Libris into FOLIO; not sure how requests and patrons across the consortium are managed
  • still requires establishing  resource sharing policies, workflows, and functionality
if timeCross-tenant borrowing and requestingAlldeferred

Next week (12/18) - return to Cross-tenant borrowing and requesting discussion

No meetings on 12/25 or 1/1.

Action items