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  • Continue creating JIRA's for CTUR

Discussion items


Next meeting is Jan. 8th

Libris update

  • is it open source? Harry says "yes" based on what he's heard from Chalmers; it's also being used in France
  • might require some translation for English in UI; suspicions are that English translations might already be there
  • Libris uses linked data and can produce MARC
  • Is there interest beyond consortia? sounds like there could be (MM SIG)
  • Harry  will talk to Chalmers and maybe set up some demos for Consortia SIG, MM SIG (and maybe at WOLFcon)


  • session on two different consortia implementation models; can it be recorded? sounds like that should be possible

JIRAs for cross-tenant unmediated requests



  • big distinction is partners involved in transaction - library-to-library vs. library-to-patron
  • would FOLIO have to use NCIP for ReShare integration? probably not; there could be a deeper integration using FOLIO APIs
    • potential - "real-time" inventory updates to ReShare shared index; real-time circ

Trello board review

  • first, determine how things will show up in the UI
    • "Requests placed by patrons of other libraries with whom there is a ctur agreement appear in the Request app's request queue"
      • who is the requester (patron library or patron)?
        • might not even matter; owning library doesn't need any patron info to process request
      • how is the delivery address populated?
      • observation: similar to how remote storage integration is planned
      • additional features: route a request to acquisitions (because it's cheaper to buy the item than it is to deliver it between libraries)
10minWrap-up/planningAllLots of interesting discussion; we'll pick it up in January!

Action items