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  • Continue creating JIRA's for CTUR

Discussion items




Continue CTUR requirements review


Load balancing

  • We added several new features to this list
  • We talked about two models for distributing requests to suppliers:
    •  1) A lending string is created based on availability and load balancing parameters and the request is sent to a the first library. If that library cannot supply, the request moves onto the second lender in the string and so on
    • 2) A request is sent to all lenders who hold the item and the first lender to respond will supply the item
    • Model 2 is better for smaller consortia where only a few libraries might receive the request
    • Model 1 is better for larger consortia to reduce inefficiency
  • We still need to decide which of these models to use – or if we can offer both options

Cross tenant services

  • This card lists out a number of services for consortia, not all of which are directly related to CTUR:
  • There was a lot of interest in integration with shipping and courier services

Institutional users

  • In CTUR, requests are checked out to another library, rather than an individual patron
  • It would be nice if CTUR could include a single set of institutional borrower accounts that could be shared across the consortium

Request types and statuses

  • FOLIO currently includes three request types and several request statuses to support requesting within a single library
  • CTUR may require additional types and statuses
  • One gap in particular is statuses that describe the process after the item has been checked out and shipped to the requesting library
  • Possible options include creating additional statuses or creating a new app for CTUR requests
  • A major goal is to avoid bloat or complicated features that will inconvenience libraries not using CTUR
  • Brooks Travis offered to write up some ideas about statuses and share via Slack
  • Kelly Drake will not be available for the next two meetings

Action items