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Discussion items


Proposed change to meeting time.  Would an hour later, ie 10:00 Eastern work? (kd request)

  • 10am doesn't work; Kelly will put together a Doodle poll
20min WolfCon recap All


  • acknowledgement of tech debt; security audit next month
  • some Q1 development is being deferred to Q2; likely means that new things will be pushed out to at least the end of this year
  • good connections and discussions; F2F meetings were productive


  • open discussion about what tighter integration between FOLIO and Reshare would look like; lots of interest
  • Sebastian Hammer will get notes from discussion to share at next meeting


  • lots of interest from non-implementing consortia
  • assumption that cross-tenant consortia functionality already exists
  • Shanghai Public Library (also support colleges, reportedly) intending to contribute code; could drive some consortial functionality development
    • heavy use: 190 check-in/out per minute; 300 million patron records
    • might be a good connection to make; limited platforms for participation
  • discussion of performance issues

Session w/Chalmers re: Libris

  • Libris could possibly be used as a central office app
  • would be worthwhile to look into how a shared FOLIO inventory might support shared cataloging

CTUR - pick up (or remember!) where we left off


Request statuses

  • Brooks put together a slide deck about request statuses:
  • this proposes three new Closed - Filled statuses (Shipped, Received, Returned)
    • some discussion about these statuses vs. a general "in transit" status, as well as differences in status for owning vs. patron library
  • would be good to compare these statuses with those used in ReShare
10minWrap-up/planningAllNext week: compare request states in ReShare to existing and proposed FOLIO statuses

Action items