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  • Determine SIG plans for the foreseeable future

Discussion items

60minSIG's current state and future discussionAll


  • David needs to step down from convener role, though he is interested in seeing the SIG continue and continuing to participate in discussions as available; nobody has volunteered to step into convener role; there is a volunteer to start in 2021 (Noah Brubaker)
  • not much else we can do with CTUR until FOLIO and ReShare are more mature
  • interest in other areas and generally continuing to meet and discuss
    • metadata management
    • acquisitions
    • reminder that there are a lot of other areas listed on our "About" page: About the Consortia SIG
  • Lloyd Chittenden may be interested in convening SIG for remainder of this year; needs to look into it a bit more
  • Brooks Travis might have capacity to convene later this year or early next (co-conveners are a possibility, if desired)
  • the type of discussions that might happen if the SIG continues do not warrant PO resources
  • anybody (convenver, regular attendee, or not) can call an ad hoc meeting at any point in time that they have something they want to discuss - SIG email list and slack channel will remain available
  • David would like to provide an update on our plans at the PC meeting tomorrow
    • Proposed update: We have attempted to fill the convener role for the past several months with no success. We are going to put the SIG on hold until someone is able to take over the convener role. The earliest commitment we have at the moment is early 2021, though there are one or two individuals who are looking into whether they can start sooner. There is general agreement from SIG attendees that there is value in continuing to meet and discuss consortia-related topics; the primary obstacle is the SIG leadership gap. 
    • (general agreement that this is an accurate summary of the conversation)

Action items