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Noah Brubaker  Darsi Rueda Martina Tumulla Peter Sbrzesny Corrie Hutchinson Bernd Oberknapp Elena OMalley Jaime Taylor Zorian Sasyk Peter Sbrzesny Harry Kaplanian Joe 



Discussion items


Gap analysis to share?

Would be nice for those deciding if FOLIO can meet requirements for those deciding on an ILS.  Can put it in one place. Noah will set up a folder so folks can add to it.

Not sure if any have been done for consortia specifically. 

Stanford, 5 Colleges can share, maybe GBV

10EBSCO consortia work statusHarry

EBSCO will be working on some consortia functionality.

Harry working on survey of interest in various consortia features.  EBSCO has been gathering requirements (they have contracts with some institutions). Have reviewed documentation this group has made about priorities.

Perhaps end of February Harry & Dennis Bridges can attend this meeting and get some input, after somewhat of a plan in place.

Consortia 2021 survey of interest in consortial features

10Cross tenant unmediated requesting

Various user stories:

Patron Library and Owning Library, Patron

Review the above and we can do a deeper dive next meeting

Also our cross-tenant functionality document that we created in previous Consortia meetings

Action items