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To work on use cases and review feature implementations for inter-institutional relationships that FOLIO should support such as:

  • Library/tenant configuration and setup (System Operations & Management)

  • User Management

  • Acquisitions and fund management

  • Resource Management

  • Metadata management

  • Resource Access & patron-initiated borrowing

  • Reporting

  • Internationalization & localization

  • Security & Privacy

  • Consortia models / architecture to support organization needs

  • Problems with existing models and vendor tools

There are many library groups that operate as service providers. We will consider that most academic libraries are dependent on resource sharing models in heterogeneous configurations.  CONSORT-SIG and the FOLIO project recognizes that consortia services are important to everyone, not just consortia offices, and most libraries operate in multiple consortia.  In addition, CONSORT-SIG will consider sharing patron data to enable new patron-driven services based on a protocol driven request from one system to another that approves a patron for a service in the requesting system. CONSORT-SIG will review user interface design, data storage, Okapi platform design, and inter-module communication for concerns related to Inter-Institutional Services.  CONSORT-SIG will develop basic guidelines for developers to follow to ensure FOLIO is aligned with multi-institutional needs.  CONSORT-SIG members will also be a resource for other SIGs when questions about consortia arise.  


  • The working group will likely meet in weekly one-hour meetings for several months at a minimum.

  • A subset of the SIG will be asked to contribute / write and/or edit features.

  • SIG members will be called upon as experts in other FOLIO SIGs to make presentations, review documentation and code, and answer questions about inter-institutional needs.

  • A SIG member will serve as the convener of the SIG (see definition in the Product Council SIG documentation), a SIG member will be asked to participate on the FOLIO Forum Facilitators SIG (details), and a SIG member will be asked to report progress to the Product Council.  One or more than one person may fill each of these roles, and a person may fill more than one role.

  • Participants are expected to have knowledge or access to knowledge about professional practices and regional requirements.


SIG Type: Topical Group (discussion group to take up a subject of interest)

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