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OutcomeIt is recommended to move away from Vert.x logger and adopt log4j2 instead for for all core java modules.
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This decision has been migrated to the Technical Council's Decision Log as part of a consolidation effort.  See:   DR-000013 - Log4j2 is the recommended logging library for all core java modules


Vert.x logger is deprecated in v4. Common logging solution is supposed to be across all Folio core modules.

Action items

  • Migrate all core java modules, that use vert.x logger to log4j2.
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  1. Mikhail Fokanov  Please can the content of this page be converted to English and the header be updated to support the decision log page entry, at the moment, it does not show that this decision has been made.

  2. Marc Johnson The Russian headings was automatically inserted by Confluence. I thought they are supposed to be displayed in user language based on some Operating System values, but Confluence is not so smart. I will correct it.

  3. Please could this be updated to clarify the scope (e.g. is it a recommendation or a requirement, which modules does it apply to) and specifics (e.g. is it the use of log4j2, the use of a specific configuration, or the use of a library that uses log4j2) of this decision.