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  • 2023-03-15 ERM Weekly Delivery Update
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Meeting Details


11:30am UK, 12:30pm Germany


Video Call in

Previously2023-03-01 ERM Weekly Delivery Update
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Discussion items




<5 minsIntroductions

Call Priorities


  • ISSUE: 
    • Progress / Impediments: 
    • TODO: 
    • New unknowns: 
    • Help or input needed: 
    • ETA for review: 
  • What progress or impediment on previously stated actions?
  • What's left to do?
  • Any new unknowns?
  • What help or input is needed?
  • When expected to be ready for review?

In Progress

  • ERM-2630 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Progress / Impediments: 
      • Packages 
    • TODO: 
      • extend and set validation for content item schema for titles 
        • validating that nested content items cannot happen
        • can then throw exception if title not present
        • then move on to ingest
        • this unlocks manual testing and regression testing 
      • Tweak schema that is being used to interpret from TIPP
      • Add switch so harvest and push are exclusive
      • Apply changes for logging 
    • New unknowns: 
      • How to do QA on this piece?
        • Won't - wait until feature is ready (so, after ERM-2631)
      • Interpret from TIPP record what is needed, as we currently do
    • Help or input needed: 
    • ETA for review: ?
    • QA:
      • On completion: regression test harvest
      • Roll QA for this into ERM-2631
  • ERM-2064 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Progress / Impediments: just starting
    • TODO: 
      • convert to functional components
    • New unknowns / Help or input needed: NA
    • ETA for review: today


    • Blocking conditions
    • Action needed
  • Are the blocking conditions still relevant? 
  • What action is needed to unblock, and by whom?

  • ISSUE: 
    • Who / When: 
    • ETA Ready for Dev: 
  • Who needs to be involved in the elaboration process? 
  • What is the timeframe for getting input?
  • When is the issue expected to be ready for development?

  • Who is picking up what next?
  • When is next issue expected to start / complete?
  • Anything needed to start next issue (dependencies or clarifications)?


  • ERM-2645 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Couldn't latch onto anything to be able to override the selector as date-picker component doesn't afford anything to do so
    • Adding an ID on container

Needs Elaboration / Triage

  • ERM-2631 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • What does this mean for daily snapshot reset / developer workflow
      • Ethan to check with Ian
    • Ready to be fleshed out with overall service design 

Sprint Backlog - Next Up


  • Claudia: NA
  • Ethan: NA
  • Monireh: NA

At Risk

  • What is now at risk of not being started this sprint?
  • Do any of these take priority over other sprint backlog items?

Sprint Backlog - to follow

Sprint Backlog -  At Risk


  • NA

In Review

  • Any impediments to review or QA?
  • Any useful context, implementation choices or limitations for the reviewer/tester to know ?

Code Review:

  • ERM-2879 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • merged
    • changelog to be updated with issue
    • release expected later after another change for OA is made
    • expected for QA Thursday


  • SI-12 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ERM-2612 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ERM-2633 - Getting issue details... STATUS / ERM-2624 - Getting issue details... STATUS / ERM-2625 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Release Candidates

  • What has passed QA since last dev call?
  • What has been closed since last dev call?

For Release / Pending Testrails

Closed: Poppy R2023.2

Stories / Bugs

  • NA

Maintenance / Tasks

  • NA

Release Tasks

Closed: Orchid R2023.1 Bugfix

  • NA

Release Tasks

Closed (No ERM Release)

  • <10 mins


New Issues

  • ERM-2880 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • looks like collecting items array twice
    • could add new suppressItems query parameter to Agreement (singular)

Added to sprint

Not added to sprint


Component Updates

  • NA

Release Planning