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High-level scope (historical):

No implementation detail, but useful to understand the scope of the ERM product

ERM on Google Drive:

All the project documents, including

ERM Wiki:

Useful Videos



Folio Developers

Back-End Tests

  • Unit tests should be added to the src/test/groovy or src/test/java directories.
  • Integration tests go in src/integration-test/groovy or src/integration-test/java
  • Invoke using grails test-app

The Backlog

JIRA Filters

Feature List TODO (long-distance view):

Delivery Roadmap:

All Unresolved:

2019 Q2 features:

Sprint Board (current and upcoming):

Stories and Development Tasks

All Features

(including Closed, non-ERM teams)

Jira Projects


Definition of Ready

Definition of Done

ERM QA Environment:


Team Stuff

Who's Who / ERM Calendar: Meet the Team

Daily updates: asynchronous via reminders in #erm-updates

Weekly Team Calls: Wed 2:30pm UK time

  1. Sprint Week 1: Previous Sprint Retro / Current Sprint Technical Plan
  2. Sprint Week 2: WIP Demo / Delivery Status / Next Sprint Preview

Availability Schedule:


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