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  1. Review Retro Board (10 mins)
  2. Voting (2 mins)
  3. Discussion (15 mins)
  4. Summary Actions (3 mins)



  • Can we encourage participation of testers in the sprint review and retrospective processes - make testers feel more part of the core team and process - testers say they won't hold back from contributing tho if a burning issue crops up
  • John made first PR - thats a good milestone
  • John - Flow improving - familiarity with tech stack improving, groovy & grails improving
  • Problems - it's hard at the start when everything is new, language, environment, team, etc
  • Adi - Solid progress on bigtest
  • Peter - Access to server and config of VMs is still a problem
  • Gill - Good to see progress 
  • Kurt - Flow improving with tech stack, similar issues with transitioning to the new stack etc
  • MD - Encourage people to participate in the public chat on erm-dev for knowledge sharing and comms
  • Steve - Been away most of last sprint

Personal highlights

  • First PR - Solid milestone
  • Good to see new functionality appearing in deployed systems
  • Familiarity with tools and techniques improving
  • Bigtest infrastructure installed - good step forwards
  • General Tooling and onboarding improving

What went well

  • Really great feedback from the stakeholders and project about the quality and efficiency of our work - got some explicit feedback from Kirstin.

What caused problems

  • Onboarding
  • Insufficient communication in public channels on slack
  • Devops problems impact development priorities - as we're a shared resource
  • Not enough cross knowledge sharing going on
  • Jira issue management: missed sprint closure on work that was essentially done

Discussion Notes

Not enough cross knowledge sharing going on

  • Limited time to go through everything: poll team for priority WIP demo and engineering design notes each week