Sprint Report
Sprint LogERM Sprint 66
Sprint Focus
  •  Tie up loose ends, and prepare ground for Q3.


  1. Review Retro Board (10 mins)
  2. Voting (2 mins)
  3. Discussion (15 mins)
  4. Summary Actions (3 mins)



Personal highlights

  • Clean-up and refactor of ui-agreements
    • +1 in the sense that it happened and seems to have been smooth (i.e. haven't found any bugs yet!)
  • Work on the organizations refactor on the view/edit pages(ERM-230)
  • another relaxing vacation: mountains, lakes and creeks
  • birthday

What went well

  • Splitting work on ui-licenses and ui-agreements so Adi and I (Mark) didn't have to work on top of one another.
  • "Monkey Testing" for Agreements following re-factor - many eyes!

What caused problems

  • Visibility on work in progress could be improved sometimes to make it easier to know how particular issues are progressing

Discussion Notes