5.1.0 In progress

5.0.0 2023-10-11

  • ERM-3020 IsNotSet not working for custom properties
    • update to ‘com.k_int.grails:web-toolkit-ce:8.1.1’
  • ERM-2993 Add amendments search in licenses app
  • ERM-2966 Error when match and filter contain the same path root
    • update to ‘com.k_int.grails:web-toolkit-ce:8.1.0’
  • ERM-2961 Extend length of document URL to 2048 chars
  • ERM-2940 spring-webmvc 5.3.25 security bypass vulnerability
  • ERM-2921 File Storage option missing in License application
  • ERM-2885 Reduce number of internal contact role defaults in Licenses
  • ERM-2642: Hibernate JPA Criteria SQL Injection (CVE-2020-25638)
    • update to ‘org.hibernate:hibernate-core:5.4.28.Final’
    • update to ‘org.hibernate:hibernate-java8:5.4.28.Final’
  • ERM-2641 Upgrade to Grails 5 (including Hibernate 5.6.x) for Poppy
  • ERM-2625 Add view only permissions for License settings

4.3.0 2023-02-20

  • ERM-2433 Upgrade postgresql, opencsv, minio, okhttp, kotlin
  • ERM-2226 Multi-pick list term values do not export with license

4.2.0 2022-06-29

  • ERM-2218 Removing values from multi-valued custom property in UI does not update the values
  • ERM-2201 Error on attempting to render agreement with a supplementary property
  • ERM-2124 Add multi-value support to custom properties
  • ERM-2070 mod-licenses Grails wrapper SAXParseException
  • ERM-2044 Ability to make custom properties deprecated
  • ERM-2043 Implement updated design for term management in license settings (Endpoint added to obtain all contexts on Terms)
  • ERM-2042 Duplicating agreement/license inc. documents moves files from original to new agreement/license
  • ERM-778 Add Date type to customProperties
  • Removed default perPage 100 in urlMappings for customPropertyDefinitions

4.1.0 2022-03-03

  • ERM-2037 Remove ‘is not’ option from Organization filter in Licenses simple search
  • ERM-1975 Script to insert and update /licenses/refdata entries
  • ERM-1945 Add AppSettings panel to Licenses
  • ERM-1943 Abstract and subclass existing toolkit FileObject (for Licenses)
  • ERM-1745 Add Organisations to Licenses simple search widget definition

4.0.0 2021-10-01

  • ERM-1849 Error on adding amendment to a license
  • ERM-1775 Regularly remove organizations that do not have any links to Licenses
  • ERM-1753 Migration to new Org / Org role structure leads to duplicate notes
  • ERM-1739 Remove duplicate stanzas from application.yml
  • ERM-1731 New licenses should have a default value for end date semantics
  • ERM-1543 Make organization roles for licenses editable in tenant settings
  • ERM-1541 Support for multiple roles per organisation in Licenses
  • ERM-1001 Separate permissions for file download in Licenses/Agreements

3.2.0 2021-06-15

  • ERM-1729 Is Set / Is Not Set doesn’t work for Open Ended filter in license simple search widget
  • ERM-1728 Error on retrieving License CustomProperties
  • ERM-1696 Added match terms to WidgetDefinition
  • ERM-1653 Licenses SimpleSearch WidgetDefinition
  • ERM-1650 Add unique indexes for refdata tables
  • ERM-1643 Implemented dashboard interface

3.1.0 2021-03-15

  • FOLIO-2989 Remove duplicate licenses.licenseLinks.collection.get permission
  • ERM-1243 License Term values not duplicated on duplicating license
  • ERM-1229 Ability to duplicate Amendment
  • ERM-1204 It should not be possible to delete Licenses with attached Agreements
  • ERM-1201 Editing Amendment causes error
  • ERM-1188 For License CSV export use quote mark (ASCII 34) as escape character rather than backslash (ASCII 92)
  • ERM-972 Missing permission definition

3.0.0 2020-10-14

  • ERM-1046 Non-phrase searching support for licenses
  • ERM-967 Add “Note” to Organisation link in Licenses
  • ERM-904 Update tooling and framework
  • ERM-906 Update licenses to Grails 4
  • ERM-909 Update docker image to Java 11
  • ERM-828 Add support for “Alternative name” for licenses
  • ERM-975 Licenses: Use /organizations/ instead of /organizations-storage/
  • ERM-742 Custom properties: Backend validation not working

2.2.2 2020-06-25

  • ERM-970 500 status on when licenses have Documents without a file attachment

2.2.1 2020-06-23

  • ERM-841 Duplicate license: Files are not copied to the duplicated license record

2.2.0 2020-06-11

  • ERM-880 remove duplicate JSON fields in mod-licenses
  • ERM-828 Add support for “Alternative name” for licenses
  • ERM-814 Duplicate license
  • ERM-735 Separate refdata categories into “internal” and “user” lists
  • ERM-713 Produce license term comparison report
  • ERM-705 Support filtering licenses on the basis of terms being set/not set
  • ERM-668 Add ability to search/filter licenses based on custom properties (aka “terms”)
  • ERM-193 Deleting a License (and possibly Agreement) with a Tag isn’t possible

2.1.1 2020-04-01

  • ERM-783 Term descriptions are limited to 255 characters

2.1.0 2020-03-13

  • ERM-747 Custom Properties: Unable to correctly save decimals with german browser locale
  • ERM-675 mod-license upgrade from Q3.2 to Q4 fails
  • ERM-668 Add ability to search/filter licenses based on custom properties (aka “terms”)
  • ERM-655 Sorting limits output in some cases
  • ERM-647 Sort custom properties alphabetically within order weights
  • ERM-591 Filters across custom properties do not work

2.0.1 2020-01-19

  • ERM-675 mod-license upgrade from Q3.2 to Q4 fails

2.0.0 2019-12-04

  • ERM-638 Use JVM features to manage container memory
  • ERM-538 Support health check endpoint (for example /admin/health provided by RMB)
  • ERM-505 Move test data so it’s only active for the diku tenant only
  • ERM-477 License and agreement APIs are not protected by FOLIO permissions
  • ERM-478 Add permission definitions and api endpoint config
  • ERM-464 Agreements | Amendment with the most recent “Start date” takes precedence
  • ERM-436 Licenses | Provide user friendly error message on name field unique constraint
  • ERM-430 Display license and license amendment terms on agreement
  • ERM-419 Duplicate refdata entries in folio builds
  • ERM-417 /licenses/custprops cannot be sorted via the “sort” query param
  • ERM-362 Issue with calling install?purge=true option multiple times
  • ERM-297 File attachment over 10MB causes out of memory errors

1.11.0 2019-09-11

  • ERM-279 Provide integration tests for license creation covering start date, end date, status, type and end date semantics
  • ERM-369 Integration tests for license tags
  • ERM-368 Integration tests for license link
  • ERM-367 Integration tests for license endDateSemantics
  • ERM-366 Integration tests for license type
  • ERM-365 Integration tests for license status
  • ERM-364 Integration tests for license start-date
  • ERM-363 Integration tests for license end-date

1.10.0 2019-08-21

  • Re-release of 1.9.0 with updated module version

1.9.0 2019-08-12

  • ERM-357 Public and internal license term values
  • ERM-355 Manage public notes on license term values
  • ERM-274 Add cleanup task for orphan file uploads

1.8.0 2019-07-24

  • ERM-276 Investigate cause and impact of date/timezone issues
  • ERM-294 Echo date fixes within mod-licenses.

1.7.0 2019-06-11

  • ERM-245 Tenant bootstrap improvements
  • ERM-247 Change descriptors to reflect new interface version
  • ERM-249 Create bootstrap data
  • ERM-154 Set supplementary information for a licence amendment
  • ERM-153 Manage core documents for an amendment
  • ERM-144 Add note option to license custom properties
  • ERM-147 Manage amendments for a license
  • ERM-93 Display amendment to a License
  • ERM-87 Remove amendment from a License
  • ERM-86 Edit amendment to a License
  • ERM-85 Add amendment to a License
  • ERM-82 Support amendments for a license
  • ERM-138 Create amendment class
  • ERM-137 Create license abstraction
  • ERM-88 Add Amendment Domain model

1.6.0 2019-05-21

  • ERM-219 Support Organizations app as source of Organizations in Licenses
  • ERM-163 View internal contacts for a license
  • ERM-162 Manage internal contacts for a license
  • ERM-178 Save contact records to licenses
  • ERM-177 Add gson templates
  • ERM-176 Clone internal contact from agreements to licenses
  • ERM-92 Require UUIDs that are RFC 4122 compliant
  • ERM-136 Dump all existing data on test environment
  • ERM-135 Change UUID generator from UUID to UUID-2

1.5.0 2019-05-07

  • ERM-166 Remove unwanted extra license section
  • ERM-133 Configure Document Categories
  • ERM-143 Add License / Supplementaty License Information Panel UI
  • ERM-181 Fix data sync issue with GOKb (Resumption Token and Broken Coverage)
  • ERM-139 Convert from SearchAndSort to SearchAndSortQuery
  • ERM-79 Set supplementary informaiton for a license
  • ERM-173 Manage Tags on Agreements
  • ERM-174 Seach Agreements by Tag
  • ERM-194 BUGFIX: Opening edit/create license with only one page does not work

1.4.0 2019-04-08

  • ERM-115 Provide correct data for agreement line
  • ERM-111 Build Settings Page
  • ERM-112 Build Wrapper Component for supression
  • ERM-113 Use Wrapper Component in Agreements
  • ERM-114 Write tests
  • ERM-98 Rendering Controlling Terms License
  • ERM-127 Resources with no coverage set should not display
  • ERM-110 Agreement Detail record - View attached EBSCO eResource
  • ERM-109 Support the ability to create an agreement from eHoldings
  • ERM-108 Supress agreements app functions
  • ERM-64 Show Controlling License Terms

1.3.0 2019-03-22

  • ERM-63 View linked agreement details in a license

1.2.0 2019-03-12

  • ERM-71 Add Model for JSON resource

  • ERM-37 Manage core documents for a license

  • ERM-69 Add DocumentAttachment Domain model
  • ERM-40 Remove a core document from a license
  • ERM-39 Edit license core document details
  • ERM-38 Add core documents to a License
  • ERM-7 Add an Organisation to a License

  • ERM-32 Add organization role validation to license to enforce no more than one Org per license with role:Licensor
  • ERM-25 Copy Organization structure from Agreements to Licenses
  • ERM-10 Remove an Organisation from a License
  • ERM-48 Make sure organizations can be removed from licenses in the backend
  • ERM-9 Change a license organisation’s role

1.1.1 2019-02-23

  • ERM-1 eResource Managers can manually create licenses
  • ERM-6 Set pre-defined Terms for a License
  • ERM-7 Add an Organisation to a License
  • ERM-8 Add an Organisation to an existing License
  • ERM-10 Remove an Organisation from a License
  • ERM-11 eResource Managers can edit basic license details
  • ERM-12 Filter License Search Results by License Status
  • ERM-13 Filter License Search Results by License Type
  • ERM-16 Set open-ended License Expiry
  • ERM-17 See basic License details in search results
  • ERM-35 Filter Agreement Search Results by Organisation Role

mod-licenses v1.1.0 released 2018-12-21

  • upgrade web-toolit dependencies, allow for override of DB parameters

mod-licenses v1.0.1 released 2018-12-04

  • Jenkinsfile bugfix

mod-licenses v1.0.0 released 2018-12-04

  • First release allowing licenese titles, custom properties / license terms and tags.