Change history for ui-licenses

10.1.0 In progress

10.0.0 2023-10-13

  • ERM-3037 unlock @rehooks/local-storage from 2.4.4
  • ERM-3029 BREAKING bump react-intl to v6.4.4
  • ERM-3019 Remove in Amendments search params
  • ERM-3001 Update Node.js to v18 in GitHub Actions
  • ERM-2993 Add amendments search in licenses app
  • ERM-2973 Replace naive fetch hooks with parallelised ones (and deprecate)
  • ERM-2976 Switch to useParallelBatchFetch
  • ERM-2977 Switch to useChunkedUsers
  • ERM-2903 License form is incorrectly initialized if refdata lacks type=local and status=active
  • ERM-2625 Add view only permissions for License settings
  • ERM-2641 Upgrade to Grails 5 (including Hibernate 5.6.x) for Poppy
  • Added okapi interface dependency on new licenses interface 5.0
  • ERM-2189 Display the amendment count badge on a license when the Amendments accordion is expanded
  • STRIPES-870 BREAKING upgrade react to v18
  • ERM-2990 Upgrade ui-licenses React to v18

9.0.0 2023-02-22

  • ERM-2565 Increment ui-licenses to Stripes v8
  • ERM-2533 Refactor interfaces code to react-query
  • ERM-2487 Refactor licenses routes
  • ERM-2467 Change export file name and file extension in Agreements and Local KB admin
  • ERM-2455 Bump ui-licenses erm-components dep
  • ERM-2434 “customProperties.ctx.title”: "" in en.json
  • ERM-2420 Amendment doesn’t show licensor value of parent license
  • ERM-2414 Missing translation values in license settings
  • ERM-2398 LicenseFilters should not be rendered within intended for search field
  • ERM-2294 Remove BigTest/Nightmare dependencies and tests (ui-licenses)
  • FAT-82 ui-licenses: UI tests replacement with RTL/Jest
  • ERM-2276 Add test coverage for ui-licenses settings
  • ERM-2272 Add test coverage for ui-licenses routes
  • ERM-2261 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2258 Add test coverage for ui-licenses

8.3.0 2022-10-26

  • ERM-2386 Show a user-friendly message when deleting a pick list with 0 values which is assigned to a License Term
  • ERM-2379 @folio/stripes-testing is incorrectly listed as a direct dependency
  • ERM-2371 In custom property Type dropdown Refdata and Refdata (multi-select) should be labelled “Pick list” and “Pick list (multi-select)”
  • ERM-2366 Core documents for a License shouldn’t display a category
  • ERM-2321 stripes-erm-components should be a peer
  • ERM-2316 Update for stripes-kint-components translation handling changes
  • ERM-2283 Upgrade Users interface to 16.0
  • ERM-2279 Refactor ui-plugin-find-license to react-query
  • ERM-2216 Migrate ui-licenses Picklist Settings
  • ERM-2173 New / Edit supplementary property and Term modals: UX improvements (Settings app)
  • ERM-2157 Add multi-select support for custom properties
  • FAT-82 ui-licenses: UI tests replacement with RTL/Jest
  • ERM-2275 Add test coverage for ui-licenses routes
  • ERM-2274 Add test coverage for ui-licenses routes
  • ERM-2273 Add test coverage for ui-licenses routes
  • ERM-2271 Add test coverage for ui-licenses routes
  • ERM-2270 Add test coverage for ui-licenses routes
  • ERM-2269 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2268 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2267 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2266 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2265 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2264 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2263 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2262 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2260 Add test coverage for ui-licenses viewSections
  • ERM-2257 Add test coverage for ui-licenses
  • ERM-2256 Add test coverage for ui-licenses
  • ERM-2255 Add test coverage for ui-licenses
  • ERM-2254 Add test coverage for ui-licenses
  • ERM-2253 Add test coverage for ui-licenses
  • ERM-2252 Add test coverage for ui-licenses
  • ERM-2251 Add test coverage for ui-licenses
  • Bump to stripes-erm-components ^7.0.0

8.2.2 2022-07-29

  • ERM-2297 Number of tags doesn’t update on adding tags to agreement or agreement line
  • ERM-2282 Toast message fails to display to user

8.2.1 2022-07-04

  • ERM-2225 Amendment/License link status values do not update immediately after Agreement edit
  • ERM-2224 Error on duplicating amendment
  • ERM-2217 In custom property Type dropdown Refdata and Refdata (multi-select) should be labelled “Pick list” and “Pick list (multi-select)”
  • ERM-2204 Toast error message not displayed on failure to delete custom property
  • ERM-2175 Migrate Edit/Create routes to react-query where we have regressions
  • ERM-2159 Bump frontend dependency on stripes-kint-components
  • ERM-2148 update outdated dependencies in ui-licenses
  • ERM-2109 Refactor away from react-intl-safe-html (ui-licenses)
  • ERM-2099 Replace babel-eslint with @babel/eslint-parser
  • ERM-2072 A maximum of 10 custom properties are retrieved for agreements and licenses
  • ERM-2068 Add support for Date across License filters
  • ERM-2066 Number of tags doesn’t update on adding tags to agreement line (Refactor to react-query from stripes-connect)
  • ERM-2044 Ability to make custom properties deprecated
  • ERM-2043 Implement updated design for term management in license settings
  • ERM-1971 Bump eslint-config stripes version
  • ERM-778 Add Date type to customProperties
  • FAT-82 ui-licenses: UI tests replacement with RTL/Jest
  • ERM-1510 TermsConfigForm
  • ERM-1509 TermsConfigRoute
  • ERM-1507 PickListSettings

8.1.0 2022-03-03

  • ERM-1982 Licenses: Organization interface credentials malfunction
  • ERM-1945 Add AppSettings panel to Licenses
  • ERM-1898 Upgrade @folio/react-intl-safe-html for compatibility with @folio/stripes v7.
  • ERM-1758 Licenses: Apply keyboard shortcuts modal guidelines
  • ERM-1745 Add Organisations to Licenses simple search widget definition
  • ERM-1628 Expand emptyAccordion.* {type} for correct translations
  • FAT-82
  • ERM-1508 PickListValueSettings
  • ERM-1506 withFileHandlers
  • ERM-1505 ViewLicenseRoute
  • ERM-1504 ViewAmendmentRoute
  • ERM-1503 NoteViewRoute
  • ERM-1496 CreateAmendmentRoute
  • ERM-1344 formSections
    • ERM-1454 LicenseFormOrganizations
    • ERM-1453 LicenseFormInternalContacts
    • ERM-1452 LicenseFormInfo
    • ERM-1451 FormTerms
    • ERM-1450 FormSupplementaryDocs
    • ERM-1449 FormCoreDocs
    • ERM-1448 AmendmentFormInfo
  • ERM-1301 NoPermissions
  • ERM-1300 LicenseForm
  • ERM-1293 Amendment

8.0.0 2021-10-07

  • Fixed bug with error on saving license if a change is made to the visibility (internal) flag of a primary property without populating it. ERM-1770
  • UX improvements for the Edit record pane title. ERM-1854
  • Upgrade to Stripes 7.0
  • Display emoty accordion cell when startDate is not set. ERM-1787
  • Displays list of other amendments on the parent license. ERM-1786
  • Included interface dependency for licenses 4.0

6.1.1 2021-07-30

  • Fixed bug with Incorrect “status in agreement” displaying for a license when there are multiple licenses for a single agreement. ERM-1767

6.1.0 2021-06-16

  • ERM-1683 Set up ui-licenses Registry entry
  • ERM-1640 Lock ui-licenses to @rehooks/local-storage 2.4.0
  • ERM-1620 Actions menu doesn’t display for Licenses even when there are valid actions for the user
  • ERM-1608 Add count of populated terms in accordion header
  • ERM-1594 Add descriptions to visible permission set in ui-licenses

6.0.0 2021-03-17

  • Upgrade to Stripes 6.0
  • Added optionalOkapiInterfaces to package.json. ERM-940
  • Removed edit button in license detail view, moved “New” option in “Actions” dropdown, added icons. ERM-1149
  • Removed edit button in amendment detail view. ERM-1149
  • Improvements to the Amendment preview pane presentation ERM-1176
  • On Platform view Action button should not show if user would see no options in Action dropdown ERM-1225
  • Duplicate amendment ability added ERM-1229
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for licenses. ERM-1239
  • Support searching on License start and end date ERM-1251
  • Refactored LicenseFilters to functional component. ERM-1532
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for amendments. ERM-1538
  • Update stripes-cli to v2. ERM-1550
  • Remove dependency on order-lines interface ERM-1552
  • When displaying Interfaces for an organisation in a License full details are only retrieved for 10 ERM-1560
  • Added conditional rendering of accordions in license and amendment view. ERM-1581

5.0.1 2020-11-05

  • Fixes bug where incorrect Dates are saved when tenant timezone is ahead of UTC. ERM-1202
  • Fixes bug where a user with manage license terms permission should be able to edit the license terms. ERM-1196
  • Bumped the limit to fetch 100 results for user definable pick lists. ERM-1193

5.0.0 2020-10-15

  • Added ability to set and view notes on organizations. ERM-967
  • Retrieve upto 100 results from users endpoint. ERM-980
  • Upgrade to Stripes 5.0
  • Separate organization and role filter. ERM-1043
  • Added ability to search agreement by its description. ERM-1044
  • Remove unused redux dependencies.
  • Refactor bigtest/mirage with miragejs.

4.0.1 2020-07-06

  • Fixed issue with only 10 results being retrieved for internal contacts. ERM-980

4.0.0 2020-06-11

  • Added permission set and ability to delete licenses. ERM-748
  • Show/hide pick list actions based on refdata category type. ERM-735
  • Added ability to duplicate a license. ERM-814
  • Added support for “Alternative names” for licenses. refs ERM-828
  • Moved ability to filter licenses by their terms to stripes-erm-components. ERM-876
  • Bumped the required node version to 10.

3.7.2 2020-03-27

  • Fixed filtering licenses by tag. ERM-810

3.7.1 2020-03-12

  • Fixed internal contacts accordion label.

3.7.0 2020-03-11

  • Switched to using <FormattedUTCDate> from Stripes. ERM-635
  • Switched to using <Spinner> from Stripes. ERM-635
  • Keyboard navigation and focus improvements. ERM-593 622 628
  • Hid “Delete License” permission set. ERM-615
  • Added @folio/react-intl-safe-html to dependencies. ERM-539
  • Added ability to filter licenses by their terms. ERM-668
  • Switched to showing amendment record after it’s created. ERM-454
  • Added type checks for term values. ERM-645
  • Added ability to export licenses. ERM-712
  • Added callouts and confirmation modals. ERM-723 724 725
  • Upgrade to Stripes 3.0
  • Added ability to filter licenses by terms. ERM-684
  • Added inactive indication to icon in Licenses list. ERM-745
  • Fixed bug with resetting ‘Open Ended’ checkbox. ERM-770

3.6.0 2019-12-04

  • Port ui-licenses to RFF. ERM-487.
  • Update stripes to v2.10.1 to support PaneFooter.
  • Move the Save & close button and add a Cancel button to Pane footer. ERM-412.
  • Apply the new large headline design to Licenses. ERM-260.
  • Added support for interface licenses version 2.0.
  • Updated permission sets. ERM-477
  • Updated forms to use React Final Form instead of Redux Form

3.5.0 2019-09-09

  • Added support for mod-organizations-storage 2.0
  • Added settings page for License Terms. ERM-391
  • Added settings page for Pick Lists. ERM-389 390
  • Fixed bug where resetting query term wouldn’t execute a search. ERM-426
  • Show/hide interface credentials. Fixes ERM-431
  • Added Tags functionality. ERM-424

3.4.0 2019-08-20

  • Render Internal Contacts as cards. ERM-309
  • Manage public notes on license term values. ERM-355

3.3.0 2019-07-24

  • Attach Notes to licenses. ERM-269
  • Use updated Card UI for organizations. ERM-230 280 281 282
  • Block form submission when term note is set without a value. ERM-268
  • Accordion UI cleanup. ERM-341 342
  • Use dates instead of datetimes. ERM-294
  • Only allow one organization to be a Licensor. ERM-344

3.2.0 2019-06-10

  • Added ability to attach files to documents. ERM-257
  • Added ability to manage amendments for licenses. ERM-147

3.1.0 2019-05-21

  • ERM-219 Support Organizations app as source of Organizations in Licenses
  • ERM-232 Front-end updates
  • ERM-212 Remove horizontal rules between filters in Agreements and License apps
  • ERM-163 View internal contacts for a license
  • ERM-162 Manage internal contacts for a license
  • ERM-180 Use generalised contacts component
  • ERM-179 Generalise agreements/contacts to shared component
  • ERM-75 Clearing the organization filter value not working as expected

3.0.0 2019-05-07

  • ERM-166 Remove unwanted extra license section
  • ERM-133 Configure Document Categories
  • ERM-143 Add License / Supplementaty License Information Panel UI
  • ERM-181 Fix data sync issue with GOKb (Resumption Token and Broken Coverage)
  • ERM-139 Convert from SearchAndSort to SearchAndSortQuery
  • ERM-79 Set supplementary informaiton for a license
  • ERM-173 Manage Tags on Agreements
  • ERM-174 Seach Agreements by Tag
  • ERM-194 BUGFIX: Opening edit/create license with only one page does not work

2.4.0 2019-04-08

  • ERM-115 Provide correct data for agreement line
  • ERM-111 Build Settings Page
  • ERM-112 Build Wrapper Component for supression
  • ERM-113 Use Wrapper Component in Agreements
  • ERM-114 Write tests
  • ERM-98 Rendering Controlling Terms License
  • ERM-127 Resources with no coverage set should not display
  • ERM-110 Agreement Detail record - View attached EBSCO eResource
  • ERM-109 Support the ability to create an agreement from eHoldings
  • ERM-108 Supress agreements app functions
  • ERM-64 Show Controlling License Terms

2.3.0 2019-03-22

  • Added ability to view agreements linked to a license.

2.2.0 2019-03-04

  • Added name export of Licenses search UI
  • Use LicenseCard when rendering license header.

2.1.0 2019-02-12

  • Added ability to view, add, edit, and remove core documents from licenses.

2.0.0 2019-01-18

  • Upgrade to Stripes 2.0
  • Removed usage of lookbehinds in regexes (avail in 2.0.1)
  • Added License Status filter to search.
  • Added ability to view, add, edit, and remove terms from licenses.
  • Added ability to view, add, edit, and remove organizations from licenses.
  • Added sticky license header.

1.1.0 2018-12-11

  • First official release for Q4 Release


  • Clone ui-erm
  • Set up initial scaffolding