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Agenda June 14th 2023

Convener: Martina T.

Notetaker: Martina S.


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  • PC meeting June 1st
  • PC meeting June 8th
  • ERM sessions at WOLFCon in Chicago (Aug 22-24)
    • Potential additional external KBs (connecting to FOLIO internal KB)
    • Licenses App: demos of practical usage
    • Dashboard session - how are people using it - interest as well of ACQ SIG and MM

Agenda items

  1. Development progress - ERM sprint 167
  2. Implementers topics (ERM implementers):
    1. Filter for "link to app " (Ann Joy)
    2. Add a new functionality like to show warning incase where you link the same agreement line twice, to the same package (Kota Harshitha Lakshmi Prasanna)


Development progress update

  • sprint 167
  • updates to components used in ERM apps - ready for QA
  • Bug InternalContactSelection gets stuck will be Critical Service Patch
  • pagination: starting with titles in Local KB - display of 125 titles per page - can be modified if needed
  • looking at adding a new dashboard widget for AGLs - since we have AGL search in Agreements it made sense
  • working on removing AGLs from agreement edit view
  • working on chnages to GOKb sync - delayed due to Grails updates

Ability to open a PDF document in a separate browser window, rather than downloading it

  • there is a setting in Chrome that controls this
  • but it nevertheless is not always working as expected
  • Owen will investigate further

Filter for "link to app"

  • user needs to add URL link to the app that display after user executed related search/filtering
  • an automativ link would require mapping filter options
  • but mapping all dashboard filter options to search and filter options would require a lot of work and regular updating
  • Felix, question in chat: Could you include the pagination to the Dashboard Widgets? This way a user could Display a certain number of results by Default and then load even more, if applicable.
    • Owen: we can look at it
  • Sara: when can we expect ES across or query seach all apps
    • Owen: using query search does not need implementing ES
    • would be easiest way of supporting requiremements brought forward
    • implementing ES would mean that query language could be standardized
    • implementing ES is on our (ERM team) medium term goals - need to find space in development
  • Sara: query search capability in ACQ would be great, too
    • other apps should use dashboard, too
  • in last PC there was a demo of upcoming lists app (query based application to query for lists of things
  • could work well together with dashboard
  • lists app had query builder interface similar to what we have in agreements
    • consistency would be good → will be picked up in App Interaction

Add a new functionality like to show warning incase where you link the same agreement line twice, to the same package

  • topic is postponed till next meeting
  • question tba: there are multiple places to link an AGL to an agreement → where do we need this functionality - which is higher priority?


14:02:42 Von  Martina Tumulla  an  Alle:
    2023-06-14 - ERM meeting
14:21:32 Von  Gill Osguthorpe  an  Alle:
    Yes I use Windows 👍🏼
14:23:21 Von  Martina Schildt | VZG  an  Alle:
    I seem to have the correct browser setting (open in new tab) but pdfs are downloading - using Acrobat
14:32:47 Von  Felix Hemme  an  Alle:
    Could you include the pagination to the Dashboard Widgets? This way a user could Display a certain number of results by Default and then load even more, if applicable.
14:39:26 Von  scolglaz  an  Alle:
    I have a followup Q

Attendees list



Home Organization

Aaron Neslin


Abigail Wickes

Duke University Libraries

Alaina Deane


Alice Daugherty

University of Alabama

Alissa HafeleStanford University

Amelia Sutton


Andrea Meindl

UB Regensburg

Ann-Marie Breaux


Annika Schröer

UB Leipzig

Annika Zierhut

Anu Moorthy


Anya Arnold


Beate Aretz


Benjamin Ahlborn

SuUB Bremen

xBernd OberknappUB Freiburg / ReDI

Beverly GeckleMTSU

Birgit Neumann

Carol Sterenberg

Carole Godfrey



Catherine Tuohy

Emmanuel College 

Charlotte Whitt

Index Data

Claudia Malzer

ULB Darmstadt, Developer

Dorothe KuglerUB Mainz

Dwayne Swigert

Missouri State University

Emma Raub 


Eric Hartnett

Texas A&M University


Felix Hemme

ZBW Kiel

Gang ZhouShanghai Library

Gill Osguthorpe

UX/UI Designer - K-Int

Gisela Weinerth

SUB Hamburg

Heather MacFarlane

Heather Thoele

Texas A&M University

Ian Ibbotson

Developer Lead - K-Int

Jag Goraya


Janet Ewing

Five Colleges / Mount Holyoke College Library

Jenna Lantermann

Five Colleges / Smith College 

Jenna Strawbridge



Jessica Harris


Jir Shin Boey

Missouri State University

Joe Sikowitz

Fenway Library Organization

Johanna RaddingFive Colleges / Amherst College

Julie Brannon


Kathleen Berry

UMass Amherst

Kathleen Norton

Five Colleges / Mount Holyoke College Library

Katrin Brüggemann

UB Leipzig

Khalilah Gambrell


Kirstin Kemner-Heek  

VZG, Göttingen

Kristin Martin


Kyle Banerjee


Lars-Hakan Herbertsson


Laurenz KernStabi Berlin

Leonie BodinusUB Erlangen-Nürnberg

Lindsey Lowry

University of Alabama

Lisa Schneeberger
xLola EstelleEBSCO

Luca Lanzillo

Sapienza Library System - Sapienza University of Rome

Lucas ModerUB Regensburg

Mara Egherman


Maria Taylor

Marie Widigson


Mariyam Thorhira

Johns Hopkins University Libraries

Marjorie Snyder

Mark Arnold

Missouri State University

Martin Scholz

Martina Karlsson



Martina Schildt

VZG, Göttingen


Martina Tumulla

hbz, Cologne

Mary O’Brien

Matthieu Bordet

DMCultura, Ravenna, Italy

Mohammad AlhamadMissouri State University

Molly Driscoll


Nancy Finn


Nancy Pelis

Five Colleges / Mount Holyoke College Library

Nicole Trujillo

Nina StellmannVZG, Göttingen

Norma Flores

Texas A&M University

Owen Stephens

Product Owner -  Owen Stephens Consulting

Paul Trumble


Peter Böhm

HeBIS, Frankfurt

Peter McCracken


Phil AdamsDe Montfort University
xRay Murray

Robert Heaton

Robert ScheierCollege of the Holy Cross

Rüdiger Stratmann

IAI SPK Berlin

Sabine Howahl

ULB Darmstadt


Sabrina Bayer

UB Regensburg

Sara Colglazier

Five Colleges / Mount Holyoke College Library

Sarah Dennis

Texas A&M University

Sarah Morgenstern-Einenkel

UB Leipzig

Scott Stangroom


Siobhan McManamon

Five Colleges / Smith College

Sobha Duvvuri


Stephani KaceliCairn University

Tephanie Larrison

Stew MacLehose

University of New England

Susanne Schuster

BSZ Konstanz

Tara Barnett

Tatjana Clemens

UB Frankfurt

Tracy Patton

Missouri State University

Valerie Cervantes

Xiaoyan (Yan) Song


Zorian SasykEBSCO
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