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Discussion items

ItemNotesAction Items

April 12: Resource Management in FOLIO: A First Look

  • Good feedback. Good forum ; Good to hear from people in libraries presenting on something they contributed on and to see growth
  • Recommendation; Relied on Mike too much, host should logon as host of WebEx
  • May need better instructions ; hard to be tech support
  • Maybe we should do a run through with group
  • We could do a practice WebEx so that attendees do not hear facilitators
  • In introduction Eric mentioned that people should put questions in Q&A box but people were using chat box instead
  • Couldn't send something to Q&A as host ; have to have chat
  • Is there a way to only have chat available to the host and panelist?

April 26: Panel of SIGs, what each SIG is doing–show work–encourage people to join–is there a missing SIG–how you can start a SIG.

DRAFT FORUM Announcment

What will real name of Forum be?

  • Host: Sharon
  • Panelist(s): Rep from each SIG
  • Support: Holly
    • MM SIG - Doreen Herold
    • RM SIG - Kim Maxwell
    • Internationalization- Peter
    • UM - Chris Manley
    • RA SIG - Deb Lamb
    • Consoria - Harry
    • Reporting - Lydia Pettis

Sharon sent draft to Forum announcement and needs feedback

Question about the process and roles for development and how Filip's team and the developers work with SIGs– Peter may do a mini tutorial on how developers/SIGs/UX teams work together

Important to mention how people get involved with SIG and who to contact to join or start a SIG - Peter could be contact point for this

Peter will give update on Privacy SIG which just formed

Rachel will confirm with Harry about presenting

LINK to webex SWY just added take a look:

Schedule beyond April 26: Need more ideas

(Check Idea Bank for more  topics)


  • May 17. EBSCO FOLIO Innovation Challenge
  • May 24: GoKB Update?  (Mike is on Steering Committee) Delayed from April 26th.-- NOT READY
  • June 15th : Roadmap and Demo- Harry Kaplanian
  • Filip has idea for summer - Putting together some workshops on how to think about creating your own apps - Extension on work he was doing earlier this year: using Protio tool ; This would be looking at what the process he uses when developing apps, like the work he is doing with SIGs

  • Mark Canney reports that Andrew Nagy from Ebsco is able to present about "EBSCO - FOLIO Innovation Challenge"  on May 17th.
  • Sharon Wiles-Young Mike about GoKB not ready in May--
  • Ideas for May 31st?
  • Rachel Fadlon will ask Harry June 14th Roadmap update: DONE Harry can present on June 14th


Upcoming Conferences
  • Paper accepted by CNI spring meeting in April (update on FOLIO and OLE)
  • For ELAG (early June), a bootcamp/workshop preconference combination was accepted; not sure about main conference proposal yet
  • Apereo workshop (also early June)
  • ALA late June - Product Council discussion FOLIO 101 session- overview and then small group table discussions by SIG and vendor interests? Still working out details.
    • FOLIO reception - Friday evening off site in restaurant
  • April 10th UKSG
  • German Library Day at end of May
  • June Athens Greece- Folio presentations
  • Several meetups for Folio- Canada, Boston,\
  • Check the Trello board for update on FOLIO meetings
  • Hoping some Forum topics come out of these conferences. Keep us updated on possible topics
  • Sharon wrote proposal and accepted - New England Technical Services Librarians - May 5th

Any other items to be discussed? Practice WebEx with facilitators and SIG Panels


Facilitators' membership
  • Peter Murray will check (again) with User Management SIG- Chris Manly
  • Other SIGs will be starting up as well:
Facilitator and minutes for upcoming meeting 

Action items