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Discussion items

May 24: EBSCO FOLIO Innovation Challenge


  • Host: Mark Canney - Make sure you login as host so Chat, Q&A, and Recording options show up
  • Support: Holly, Sharon?
  • Presenter: Andrew Nagy, Peter Murray
  • We are moving from Webex hosting platform to Zoom. Is there a way to allow people to ask their own questions (for better interaction)?


    • Peter Murray to contact Andrew Nagy about presenting on May 24th:
      Ask Andrew what the content of the presentation will be – longer than 10 minutes introducing the Innovation Challenge. Audience is anticipated to be technical people. What would other technical people like to see addressed at a community forum?
    • Holly Mistlebauer to ask the Product Council for ideas for a technical audience for this Forum.

June 7: Quarterly Roadmap update and demo


  • Host: Rachael Fadlon
  • Support: Eric Hartnett
  • Presenter(s): Harry Kaplanian and a developer



  • May move this to June 14th.

  • Non-EBSCO/Index-data developer would be good.

  • Are we where we expected to be? Why or why not?

June 21: GoKB update
  • Host: ?
  • Support: ?
  • Presenter(s): ?
July 12:
  • Host: ?
  • Support: ?
  • Presenter(s): ?
  • Possibility: Filip's idea about a workshop on the process for developing apps.
August **:
  • Host: ?
  • Support: ?
  • Presenter(s): ?

Schedule beyond August: Need more ideas

(Check Idea Bank for more  topics)


Upcoming Conferences 
Any other items to be discussed?We need to test Zoom to see if we can include video of the presenters and if we can allow attendees to ask their questions rather than type them.  Also, it would be nice to see a video of the presenter while they are speaking.

(Hope it is okay that I assigned this.)

Facilitators' membership


Facilitator and minutes for upcoming meeting 

Action items