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June 21, 2017


Discussion items


June 28th Forum:

FOLIO Roadmap Update:

Practice today?

Host: Rachel Fadlon

Support: Eric Harnett

  • Need to advertise on listserves information posted
  • Who is going to demo after Harry, Kurt will do demo
  • Zoom registration link posted need to do anything else with zoom
  • Practice; Sharon invited Paula to meeting

July 26th Forum;

FOLIO APP development

Host: Peter Murray
  • Peter announced that Filip would be ready to do development of App.
  • Announcement
  • Michael will create zoom registration and Open library environment webpage


IDEA bank 
  • Any SIG activity or development to report on?
  • Show prototypes-
    • New developers or someone to talk about some development
  • Show the process of FOLIO development- SIG to developers, PO, UX/UI- SIG discussions on functionality examples of decision making, give the SIG's approach and others, timing of decisions, feedback loops how does that work?
  • GOKb update in August, other updates Open Library Foundation news and work going forward.
Upcoming conferencesCheck Trello Board
  • ALA - 2 FOLIO events
  • Charleston Paula and Sharon submitting a proposal possible more submissions
  • EBSCO User Group in Salt Lake City- October

Other Topics  

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Action items