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Discussion items

5 minAgenda Review; review previous minutes 
15 min

Review of today's Forum "How to invent things that meet challenges in libraries"

Host: Peter Murray; Support: Mark Canney; Presenter: Filip Jakobsen

  • Setting for video- Michael will look at configuration- Recording file is larger with the video
  • Use video only when important to the presentation ie: panel discussion otherwise do not use because of recording size–or do we have to record video? Consider turning the video camera on and off to help the size of recording file.
    • 3 files produced:  video file with presentation, audio only and chat box
    • Zip file stream out on YouTube and Vivemo and a compressed version
  • Q&A is recorded as separate file
  • Possible to unmute all or mute all attendees- Filip wanted to try a brainstorming exercise
  • Need to do a practice session and look at configurations with video
  • William Patterson (part of VALE), NJIT (VALE) attending FOLIO forums, TIND attendees, Patty from RECap- Princeton shared high density facility attended also- Need to follow up on attendees and find out interest in FOLIO
  • Overall the session went well and Filip could have done more on FOLIO design or library design through his steps
  • Next session ask questions live by attendees

20 min

Review upcoming Forum plans(See below) 

August 16: Codex

Host: Peter Murray

Presenter: Kristen Wilson and Lynn Whittenberger and others?

Notes from the previous meeting:

  • TO DO: Eric will talk to Kristen.


  • Lynn Whittenburger and Kristen Wilson will co-host  on  August 16th
  • Idea: a panel discussion how does this relate to linked data? How does this codex relate to things, Vince, Sebastian, Ian
    • Brief introduction to codex and then let panelists talk about this
    • Next meeting invite interested presenters to discuss what is possible
  • Peter Murray to contact Vince, Sebastian and Ian about holding a panel


September 13th: GoKB

Host: Mike Winkler 

Presenter: Jahann Rolschewski, SVBSBK

GOKb update, other updates Open Library Foundation news and work going forward

  • Sept. 1st Michael will meet in Berlin to transfer GoKB and find out who wants to speak - Sept 13th

September 27: Resource Access

Host: Mark Canney

Presenter: Andrea Loigman

Show work done to date and what is planned–similar to presentations RM has done.

Notes from the previous meeting:

  • TO DO: Mark checking with Andrea to form planning and presentation.
Mark Canney
  • 3 presenters- prototype, functionality discussion, UI/UX

October 11: FOLIO Development Process

Host: Holly Mistlebauer

Presenter: TBD

Show the process of FOLIO development- SIG to developers, PO, UX/UI- SIG discussions on functionality examples of decision making, give the SIG's approach and others, timing of decisions, feedback loops how does that work?

  • Holly will be talking to other developers about presenting with her- PO, Project Manager

October 25: Roadmap Update & Demo

Host: Peter Murray Sharon Wiles-Young

Presenter: Harry Kaplanian, TBD

Notes from the previous meeting:

  • Redo the roadmap to reflect the current reality? 
  • get this date on Harry's calendar
  • Changes in roadmap and talk about this; explanation of change in roadmap - where are we in development? Meeting goals and timeline? Answer when can my institution run an instance of FOLIO and run the code.
  • first prototype and then developed this code and here is the code that is running
  • Mention the resources: community developers= Stacks development team, Index Data team, OLE developers

November 815: Acquisitions Update

Host: ?

Presenter: ?

Notes from the previous meeting:

  • Delay due to Charleston Conference?
  • November dates? 15th

TBD: People who think they can use Okapi NOW

Show that FOLIO is not an ILS–an ILS is one of the implementations of FOLIO.

Notes from the previous meeting:

  • Peter and Christopher were part of the discussion. 
Review Idea Bank  
10 min

Upcoming Conferences

Check Trello Board

LITA at ALA Annual, Computers in Libraries who is going and would like to present

                     Facilitator           Notes

Action items