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Discussion items


September 27: Resource Access

Host: Sharon Wiles-Young

Presenters: Deb Lamb,  Cate Boerema

Sharon Wiles-Young

October 11: FOLIO Development Process

Host: Holly Mistlebauer

Presenter: TBD

Show the process of FOLIO development- SIG to developers, PO, UX/UI- SIG discussions on functionality examples of decision making, give the SIG's approach and others, timing of decisions, feedback loops how does that work?

October 25: Roadmap Update & Demo

Host:  Eric Hartnett

Presenter: Harry Kaplanian, TBD

Notes from the previous meeting:

    • Redo the roadmap to reflect the current reality? 
    • Peter Murray will ask about a demo by a developer
    • get this date on Harry's calendar
    • Changes in roadmap and talk about this; explanation of change in roadmap - where are we in development? Meeting goals and timeline? Answer when can my institution run an instance of FOLIO and run the code.
    • first prototype and then developed this code and here is the code that is running
    • Mention the resources: community developers= Stacks development team, Index Data team, OLE developers

November 15: Acquisitions Update

Host: ?

Presenter: ?

Notes from the previous meeting:

    • Delay due to Charleston Conference?

    • FrontSide and Stacks? How to introduce and tie the development together
    • Eric reports that FrontSide just met with RM-SIG for the 1st time
    • Ask RM SIG at a PC meeting what can be talked about as far as acquisitions- work on vendor 

Nov/Dec: GoKB: November 29

Host: Michael Winkler

Presenter: Jahann Rolschewski, SVBSBK

GOKb update, other updates Open Library Foundation news and work going forward

  • German coalition would lik

      December 13th

End of year review:  FOLIO review


Review Idea Bank  

Upcoming Conferences

Check Trello Board

ER&L and CIL

AND ALA midwinter- panel on open source projects- Symposium on Libraries

  Date               Facilitator                  Notes

Action items