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Discussion items


Review: November 1: Roadmap Update & Demo


  • Over 100 people attended the Forum, including someone from Chile.
  • Webinar started with an open mic (not in a practice session)
  • Good dynamic with use of cameras
  • Demo ran fast and consequently short.
  • To make best use of social media strategy that has been set up, need at least two weeks advance notice.

November 15: FOLIO Development Process: It Takes a Community

December 13th: End of year review:  FOLIO review

January 24th: What's the Buzz? Introduction to APIs in Libraries

Host: Eric Hartnett

Presenters: Beth German and Jeremy Huff

Febuary 21: Open Source Panel

Webinar on Open Source Panel like the panel session at ALA Midwinter


Panel participants from ALA

February: GoKB

Host: Michael Winkler

Presenter: Jahann Rolschewski, SVBSBK

 GOKb update, other updates Open Library Foundation news and work going forward

March: Update on Innovation Grants

Host: Mark Canney

Presenter: Andrew Nagy

  • Mark Canney to contact Andrew and the awardees. (Andrew to reach out to awardees for confirming participation and dates.)
  • Can also include mention of second round awardees and announcement of the third round

March: Acquistions Update

  • Work around ER&L starting on March 4th

April: Metadata Management SIG Update

March/April: Roadmap Update

Review Idea Bank 
  • Presentations could start to look at deployment, particularly in a hosted, non-hosted environment
  • Work to prep for migrations to FOLIO. Get implementation managers on a panel.
  • Reach out to convener of Implementation SIG (late Spring?)
  • How FOLIO is impacting libraries now: view from Cornell – wait to reach out until we have better sense of implementation timelines; How are they viewing FOLIO from a strategic perspective
  • What is the international perspective on FOLIO? Can we get a panel of international sites (Australia, GVB) to give their perspectives? Plus, international update
  • Host a Forum in the Spanish language with roadmap discussion and demo, could be hosted by Lydia @ EBSCO, include UNAM development team
Conference News? 

SLA conference Harry speaking on Disruptive Technology

Several presentations at Charleston

Proposal to Rethinkit in January (8th-9th) accepted.

Action items