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Laura Daniels

Sharon Wiles-Young

Peter Murray

Michael Winkler

Eric Hartnett

Discussion items:

  • Peter Murray to ask Product Council for new representatives for the Forum Facilitators.
    • Reach out to SIG conveners

November 14th: Roadmap update

Host: Eric Hartnett

Presenter: Harry Kaplanian

Harry knows he will be presenting. Roadmap will not have been reviewed by PC before this Forum.

Peter will create the webinar registration link with the previous description paragraph:

The FOLIO platform continues on a fast development track. In this forum, you will hear an update on the roadmap and see a live demo of the components of the system now in place. This is a good opportunity to understand the scope of FOLIO and the progress that we are making towards delivery. We welcome questions and comments.

December 5? – Open Library Foundation

Host: Michael Winkler

To talk holistically about the communities in the Foundation: the ones that exist, the ones that are coming on. Talk about the idea of scope for the FOLIO project as it relates to the goals of these communities coming onboard. To include members of the OLF Board, ideally.

December 12th - Year in Review

Host: Laura Daniels

Panelists: Michael, Seb, Christopher

January 9th?: Community Outreach SIG how-to

January 23rd?: Panel Discussion of Vendor Partners

Moderator: Peter Murray

Repeat of what happened at WOLFCON plus Knowledge Integration, Bibliolabs

?: "Beyond ILS” session:  Resource sharing/Research/Special Collections

Host: Michael Winkler

Moderator: Sebastian Hammer

Heidi Mann, Nassib, Mitchell.

On hold for now. Sebastian is confirming with participants.

?: Panel Discussion of Early Implementers/Adopters Partners

February???: MarcCat

Laura will talk to atCult

February 20th?: ERM

Review Idea Bank 
  • ERM review – time around ER&L
  • Usage Statistics
  • Presentations could start to look at deployment, particularly in a hosted, non-hosted environment
  • Work to prep for migrations to FOLIO. Get implementation managers on a panel.
  • How FOLIO is impacting libraries now: view from Cornell – wait to reach out until we have better sense of implementation timelines; How are they viewing FOLIO from a strategic perspective
  • What is the international perspective on FOLIO? Can we get a panel of international sites (Australia, GVB) to give their perspectives? Plus, international update
  • Host a Forum in the Spanish language with roadmap discussion and demo, could be hosted by Lydia @ EBSCO, include UNAM development team. Rachel Fadlon to investigate.
  • Podcasting as a possibility to get developers to answer questions about the process, EBSCO has people who be able to edit
  • Panel of PO/SIG facilitator/developer together to discuss the full life cycle, moderated by product owner
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