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  • FOLIO Project Roadmap Update reset to October 23.

Discussion items:


September 18: UX Design Update

Host: Paul Moeller (Laura as backup)

October 23: FOLIO Project Roadmap Update

Host: Eric Hartnett

Note: Daisy release is due September 30.

December: FOLIO Year-in-Review

? January ?: Chalmers Implementation (with or without ERM and Circ)

Rachel is the "Chalmers gatekeeper" for presentations, and Forums sounds good for them.

Early 2020 (February?): Library Data Platform

Nassib Nassar

Early 2020 (February/March?): Open Library Foundation

Ginny Boyer

?: ERM Apps (and Circ?)

It has been a while since a review of the ERM apps was done and there are some exciting things happening.  Eric Hartnett to watch for the optimum time in the fall to do an update.  After the start of the year, Chalmers can do an update on their implementation.

Reverse RFP

Harry's document.  Get Harry's input on when this will be ready to present to the world.  Is it something we'd like to do as a Forum?

Role of Subject-Matter Experts in FOLIO

Keep as a FOLIO Forum.

As a part of onboarding new people into the community.  Similar to what we did in the past where we had what each of the SIG conveners talk about what they are doing and how people can get involved.

Series of presentations from PC Chair, SIG Convener, UX Designer, Product Owner, Developer – how does everyone work all together.  Possibly part of the general track of WOLFcon?

Tips and Tricks for Documenting a Project

Part of the general track of WOLFcon?

?: "Beyond ILS” session: Research/Special Collections


Moderator: Sebastian Hammer

Heidi Mann, Nassib, Mitchell.

On hold for now. Sebastian is confirming with participants.

Preceded by Sebastian/Christopher/Michael with a session about where we are on the project.  What we've discussed with Resource Sharing, for instance. 

?: Panel Discussion of Early Implementers/Adopters Partners

Session on how Chalmers went and what the plans are from others. Representatives from TAMU and UChicago.

Hold until after Chalmers has gone live and gotten their feed under themselves.

in order to put pressure on ourselves to make some decisions around Inventory and Codex
Review Idea Bank
  • Usage Statistics
  • Presentations could start to look at deployment, particularly in a hosted, non-hosted environment
  • Work to prep for migrations to FOLIO. Get implementation managers on a panel.
  • How FOLIO is impacting libraries now: view from Cornell – wait to reach out until we have better sense of implementation timelines; How are they viewing FOLIO from a strategic perspective
  • What is the international perspective on FOLIO? Can we get a panel of international sites (Australia, GVB) to give their perspectives? Plus, international update
  • Host a Forum in the Spanish language with roadmap discussion and demo, could be hosted by Lydia @ EBSCO, include UNAM development team. Rachel Fadlon to investigate.
  • Podcasting as a possibility to get developers to answer questions about the process, EBSCO has people who be able to edit
  • Panel of PO/SIG facilitator/developer together to discuss the full life cycle, moderated by product owner
  • Codex Revisited, based on the vision statement – including the entity formerly known as authority work.
  • Accessibility features/process of testing – perhaps in the fall after the issues of the latest testing are resolved?
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