The original stated intent of the Forum Facilitators is to create opportunities (such as through forums)  for input regarding the functionality and technology of this new product. Input will be desired from a greater community that includes OLE partners, EBSCO representatives, Index Data developers, and non-OLE libraries. Including members of the collaboration, as well as non-OLE libraries, enriches our opportunities for innovation as well as velocity of development thereby benefiting the entire community using that can and will use this new software:

  • Generate ideas related to the functionality and technology in the collaborative software project;
  • Provide a pool and locus of functional experts that work with developers;
  • Create ad hoc groups to do detailed work such as writing specifications, researching issues and solutions, and so forth;
  • Offer feedback on completed work to ensure it meets the needs of the greater community, generate additional ideas, and so forth.


Membership in the Forum Facilitators group is open to anyone, whether or not an individual has an established relationship with OLE, EBSCO, Index Data, or FOLIO.  At a minimum, the Facilitators should include:

  • 1 functional matter expert from each FOLIO SIG
  • 1 representative from EBSCO
  • 1-2 representatives from Index Data

Members should serve as a Facilitator for a minimum of one year and, to aid with the transition, the change of members should be staggered.  We have to have membership from around the world and meeting times should be arranged to accommodate for members from varying time zones.


  • Members agree to participate as a Facilitator for one year
  • Members volunteer to participate in Forums, either as a presenter, host, and/or technical support.
  • Members must attend weekly Forum Facilitators meeting which are used to debrief recent Forums as well as plan future Forums.
  • Members rotate responsibilities for leading the weekly meetings (and creating the agenda) and taking minutes.

Interested in joining?

Please send an email to: facilitators@ole-lists.openlibraryfoundation.org to express your interest in joining the Forum Facilitators.

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