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What did we do well?

  • eholdings export got a Green light to be included into Nolana release!!!
  • half of planned "Logging adjustment" feature is done 
  • Priyanka's help was a valuable help for Spitfire team
  • Minimal Nolana bugfixes
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • Great job Slava refactoring eholdings export 
  • Great job Valery with eholdings export testing and requirements 

What should we have done better?

  • If team member has to investigate or do smth that is required more than an hour and is not a part of any other ticket, then create a task ticket and include it in current sprint
  • previous retros' action points ? → Natalia Zaitseva move action points
  • lack of communication for testing of first Nolana version of eholdings (natalia to re-write)
  • Re-indexing search  - BE very careful 
  • Bugfest that we need to align with Kitfox regarding re-indexing so it is a smoother process
  • We need smoother start for bugfest and MARC authority app 


  • Make sure release notes are up-to-date two weeks before the start of bugfest 
  • Test MARC authority mapping rules prior to bugfest 
  • If the team has to investigate an issue that is more than an hour and is not a part of any other ticket, then create a ticket and include in current sprint OR backlog. 
  • When requesting PTF testing - Change the status to Blocked when first version is buggy and requires additional development effort