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17-Jun201924-Jun01-Jul08-Jul15-Jul22-Jul29-Jul05-Aug12-Aug19-Aug26-Aug02-Sep09-Sep16-Sep23-Sep30-Sep07-Oct14-Oct21-Oct28-Oct04-Nov11-Nov18-Nov25-Nov02-Dec09-Dec16-Dec23-Dec30-DecS66S67S68S69Q3.1 freezeQ3.1
1146 Receiving and Checking-in Materials based on Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Lines
1141 Create, close, cancel, Purchase Orders
UXPROD-1139 Allow for the creation and management of vendor records
UXPROD-1152 CRUD invoices and resolve/process invoices
1144 Managing Ledgers, Funds, Budgets, Fiscals Years and tracking associated values
1150 Exporting and importing finance record details via CSV
1147 CRUD for Teams and addition of teams assignment to objects in various FOLIO apps

Q1- Closed: UXPROD-187 Receive Item and update availability

Q1- Closed: UXPROD-192 Receive Physical Item(s) and update inventory record(s)

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-693 Update Barcode when receiving

In progress - Q1-Q2-In progress: UXPROD-186 Checkin Item(s) and update availability

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-690 - Update location when receiving

In progress - Q2: UXPROD-691 Set Item Status while receiving

In Progress - Q2: UXPROD-1605 Receiving enhancements

Closed-Q3: UXPROD-193 Checkin Electronic Item(s)

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-1547 Check-in and Receiving for Packages (Containers)

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-689 Ability to update item record with call number when receiving

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-194 Checkin Maintenance (Adjust the pattern of expected items)

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-1741 Receiving workflow enhancements Q3 2019

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-1581 Enhanced receiving history

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-1778 Receiving updates and bug fixes Q3 2019

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-1388 Create New Purchase Order Lines

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-705 Pre populate Order using vendor

Closed - Q1-Q2: UXPROD-776 Reason for closure

Closed - Q1-Q2: UXPROD-1017 Module Agnostic API

In Progress - Q2: UXPROD-1606 Ordering enhancements

In progress - Q1-Q2: UXPROD-1274 Order Support for Containers/Packages

In progress-Q2-Q3: UXPROD-1564 Open order Wizard

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-189 Display a log of all activity associated with a PO/POL

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-1665 Create, manage and apply Purchase Order templates

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-1776 Increase order permissions granularity

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-1777 Ordering updates and fixes - Q3 2019

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-1389 Update Hardcoded lists for Vendors

In Progress - Q2: UXPROD-1544 Pivot Vendor App into Organizations App

In Progress-Q3: UXPROD-1603 Vendors/Organizations quality assurance enhancements - Round 2

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-1578 Organizations: Search and filter enhancements

In progress - Q1-Q2-Q3: UXPROD-717 Allow user to Delete Invoice

In progress - Q1-Q2-Q3: UXPROD-721 Allow user to Read Invoice

In progress - Q1-Q2-Q3: UXPROD-719 Allow user to Update Invoice

In Progress - Q1-Q2-Q3: UXPROD-720 Create Invoice

In Progress-Q1/Q2/Q3: UXPROD-727 Ability to Search and Filter invoice records

Draft-Q2/Q3: UXPROD-783 Ability to create a credit

In progress - Q2-Q3: UXPROD-703 Ability to "process" invoice

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-697 Ability to facilitate transactions in currencies other than default currency

In progress-Q1/Q2/Q3: UXPROD-1252 Finance UAT Round 1 Enhancements

Open-Q3: UXPROD-1390 Update Hardcoded lists for Finance

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-861 Ability to Encumber Funds base on purchase order

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-924 See materials paid for by more than one Fund

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-197 View the total amounts available in Ledger and grouping of associated Funds.

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-196 Value management through transactions.

Open-Q3: UXPROD-1851 Addition of Group records to finance app

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-1218 Ability to create Ledgers, Funds, Budgets and Fiscal Years

Draft-Q3: UXPROD-701 Ability to export and import the associated Funds and Budgets for a certain Led

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-979 Ability to create Teams (acquisitions units)

In progress-Q3: UXPROD-1687 Manage users ability to view and work with Acquisitions records based on

Q3 2019 Release

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Q2 2019 Release

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Q1 2019 Release

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