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UXPROD-1146 Receiving and Checking-in Materials based on Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Lines
UXPROD-1151 Creating and Updating Records in inventory when creating NEW Orders
UXPROD-1141 Create, close, cancel, Purchase Orders
UXPROD-989 GOBI API integration for creating Purchase Orders
UXPROD-1139 Allow for the creation and management of vendor records
UXPROD-1152 CRUD invoices and resolve/process invoices
UXPROD-1144 Managing Ledgers, Funds, Budgets, Fiscals Years and tracking associated values

Q1- Closed: UXPROD-187 Receive Item and update availability

Q1- Closed: UXPROD-192 Receive Physical Item(s) and update inventory record(s)

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-693 Update Barcode when receiving

Q1-Q2-In progress: UXPROD-186 Checkin Item(s) and update availability

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-690 - Update location when receiving

Q2: UXPROD-691 Set Item Status while receiving

Q2-In progress: UXPROD-1605 Receiving enhancements

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-686 Create Item Record for physical items

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-683 Create Instance Record

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-687 Create Holding Record

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-684 Create Item Record for electronic items

Q2-In progress: UXPROD-143 - Metadata records when items acquired

Q2: UXPROD-1020 Create Items when Checkin of print materials

Q2: UXPROD-1105 Create Container record from PO Line

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-1388 Create New Purchase Order Lines

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-705 Pre populate Order using vendor

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-776 Reason for closure

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-1017 Module Agnostic API

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-1274 Order Support for Containers/Packages

Q2-In progress: UXPROD-1606 Ordering enhancements

Q1-In Review: UXPROD-1444 Update GOBI API for Orders

Q1-Closed: UXPROD-1389 Update Hardcoded lists for Vendors

Q2: UXPROD-1544 Pivot Vendor App into Organizations App

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-717 Allow user to Delete Invoice

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-721 Allow user to Read Invoice

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-719 Allow user to Update Invoice

Q1-Q2-In progress: UXPROD-720 Create Invoice

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-727 Ability to Search and Filter invoice records

Q2: UXPROD-783 Ability to create a credit

Q2: UXPROD-703 Ability to "process" invoice

Q1-Q2: UXPROD-699 Display current Ledgers in the finance dashboard

Q1 2019 Release

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Q2 2019 Release

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