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2022-01-25Allure plugin has been added to JenkinsSlack: devops-internal

EC2 instance deployed to us-west-2 region

Name: carrier-io


JIRA: RANCHER-147 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2022-02-07Allure plugin has been added to Jenkins after the update.Vasili Kapylou 

JIRA: RANCHER-151 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2022.03.24ANSIcolor plugin has beed addedThis is a basic plugin to correctly display terraform and other common tools logs, that use ansi color on log output. This should be enabled by default in any Jenkins, that use tools, to be able work with that kind of logs.
2022.03.24Rebuilder plugin has been added.Since some currently used jobs are quite unstable and at the same time has a lot of configuration parameters, it's a must plugin to be able restart job with all same values, as previous run.

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